Celebrate This Week with #celebratelu: Of dreams and new beginnings…

Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

This week I celebrate this…

bedlam 2

Photograph by Jon Katz: http://www.bedlamfarm.com/

bedlam Farm-Spring

Photograph by Jon Katz: http://www.bedlamfarm.com/


This is Rose, border collie extraordinaire – one of the most famous residents of Bedlam Farm.

There are not many places in the world that I can call home.  We moved around a lot when I was growing up, and I learned the habits of adjustment and observation, rather than settling in and putting down roots.  My father used to joke that our family reunions took place in airports where we would run into family on their way in as we were on our way out.  As a child, I used to think that was a funny, even glamorous, joke. But, as I grew up and then had a family of my own, I came to see the underlying sadness in that joke instead; reunions like that  do not lead to deep connections to people or places.

I feel at home in big cities – New York and London.  I love the  energy, pace, and stimulation…also, the anonymity of city life: people are on their way to something and busy living their lives, you do not need to connect with anyone…unless you want to. Perfect.

And then, six years ago, we visited Washington County, NY.  “Upstate NY”.  This is where my husband Scott grew up, and this is what he still calls home.  I was reluctant to go at first; as a teacher, the summer holiday is the only time to really travel, and I was thinking of France, Italy, maybe Turkey.  But, we had deferred a holiday in Washington County many times on my account, so we rented a house on a lake, packed up the van with the kids, the kayaks, the dog, and drove up to upstate New York.

There is a point where the road into Washington County crests, and the rolling hills, red barns, green pastures and golden cornfields come into view.  That is the point at which I fell in love.  We had to stop the van and pause to drink it all in.  And suddenly, just like that, I felt at home.

We saw the house we are buying, Bedlam Farm, on one of our many drives.  It sits overlooking a valley, and it is hard to miss. The writer Jon Katz lived there, and had made this pre-Civil War farm famous with his best selling books about raising dogs, sheep, donkeys, and discovering our deep and abiding bonds with the animal world.  We felt we knew the place, and loved it, too.   Whenever I thought of Washington County, I thought of the landscape, Bedlam Farm, and home.

Now, we are buying that home.

And I celebrate…


15 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week with #celebratelu: Of dreams and new beginnings…

  1. I love this place. I will anxiously await my invitation to visit. I look forward to hearing how this journey of a lifetime unfolds for you. Will you move there permanently? Changing schools? Retiring?

  2. Remember when you wrote about that other house, the one you didn’t buy? When we are patient, good things come. Tara, this is so marvelous. I hope you’ll share more, am so happy for you and Scott. What a joyous place with history already! Hurrah!

  3. I connected with the first part of your post on so many levels. I too moved A LOT and while I didn’t complain as a kid, I did not want that for my own children. We took root in the Hudson Valley where my husband lived for much of his growing up years, It could be considered boring, but I consider it ROOTS! Then I got to your “punch line” and WOW! A weekend and summer house with “roots” in books. HOW APPROPRIATE! It seems like it was meant to be!~

  4. I am speechless. What a beautiful farm!!! I love hearing about dreams coming true…it reminds me that mine may come true too. Thank you for inspiring me and congratulations on a beautiful and peaceful dream come true!!

  5. Loved, loved, loved your post. How wonderful to find home and what a beautiful one. Wishing you endless years of happiness and contentment at Bedlam Farms (what a great name!).

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