Slice of Life Tuesday: Music in the house again

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Livy is home. Music in the house again.

All three of our children are musical and have a gift for it  – a gift from their father.  When they are home, there is always someone singing at the piano, strumming a guitar, or talking through a new song they heard, a new musician they have discovered.

While they were home, I was always aggravated by the guitars and their cases, and the sheets and sheets of music that I was constantly tripping over or having to tidy up.  But I loved working late into the night to the sound of their practicing, or the fact that every time they took a shower, I’d hear a song come trilling down the stairs – tile walls make for great acoustics.  And I loved the eclectic mix of songs and sounds I’d hear – from the familiar folk music of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez to strange new indie tunes I found myself humming along to as well.

Each had their own practice times: Elizabeth played the harp only after 1 a.m., Ben played every free moment he could find, and Livy most often practiced when no one else was home.  The best times were when they happened to be at home and decide to create music together – this was most often very late at night.  There were many nights when I’d be awakened by the sounds of song and laughter; as annoyed as I was to have my sleep interrupted, something also told me to just stay still and listen…this time would pass, and I would miss it.

I do.

But, Livy is home and now there is music again.  Tonight, she played her first after dinner concert for us, her audience of three: mom, dog, and cat.  We loved it.  We are ready for an encore.


18 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Music in the house again

  1. Welcome Home Livy! This brings back memories of sitting around the piano with my dad and his guitar. And an inspiration to encourage more music in our house again! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Ah, what a magical tribute to your talented crew. It’s true we all get aggravated by our kids’ “stuff” but miss it when they’re gone. Your kids created a beautiful disturbance. Glad she’s home! Enjoy, enjoy!

  4. How lucky you are to have the gift of music from your family! You have tucked away those moments that at first may irritate, but wisely you savored the experience because it evaporates with time. Enjoy those concerts all summer long!

  5. My son used to practice on his guitar for hours. I remember thinking if I heard Stairway to Heaven one more time I would lose my mind. But you do end up missing it, don’t you. Happy your daughter is home and sharing her music

  6. I just finished Bonnie’s piece about her guitar playing. Perhaps she should come over and have a duet with Olivia. 🙂

    Glad she’s home for the summer. I hope it’s a summer filled with music and love.

  7. What a wonderful summer you have to look forward to. Bathrooms really are the best for acoustics. Enjoy having your family together and making musical memories.

  8. Love that Livy is home and filling your house with music. And what a grand audience of three! I had to click on that pic, and it did say “DECA.” Three of the kids in our family were in DECA (distributive education) in high school and my brother even became a DECA teacher. Not sure if her shirt stands for the same DECA, there might be many organizations with that acronym.

  9. My mother and brother are musicians. My children did not get that gene. I miss hearing the piano. My brother would drive us crazy playing the same song over and over again. Now I try to go see him play whenever I am in town. Music is a wonderful gift.

  10. “I’d be awakened by the sounds of song and laughter; as annoyed as I was to have my sleep interrupted, something also told me to just stay still and listen…this time would pass, and I would miss it.”
    I loved this part! How did you know I needed to read this today after shuttling boys from fishing ponds to pizza parlors and doing loads of soccer uniforms? As annoyed as I am today, I will miss it. Thank you for the beautifully written reminder. I needed that today!

  11. Love hearing they come home and the house is back. We are 5 years away from an empty house and the thought just paralyzes me. I will remember to embrace and enjoy the craziness now!
    Thank you

  12. Beautiful, Tara. I’m so glad music has once again filled your house. I’m also glad you took the time to enjoy it in the past. I can tell you’re so glad you did.

  13. What a lovely post! The laughter and music must be so special. I miss having my own 3 around – there was always so much talk and laughter. Glad that your daughter is there with you.

  14. My brother and I sing together after Sunday dinners, he playing the guitar. There is nothing I enjoy more than a good songfest! I’m learning the mandolin so I can join in on the instruments, too.
    It is so great that you will get to hear that spontaneous music again! Enjoy it, soak it up! It is definitely missed when it travels on!

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