Slice of Life Tuesday: Now comes the hard part…

We are up in Washington County today, beginning the day with great trepidation. It’s home inspection day – and both my husband and I are filled with nervous excitement.  The excitement is easy to explain – we love this house, and feel that love in our bones every time we visit it.  The nerves? Well, we are buying a farm built in 1861, with many outbuildings.  It has stood proudly at the crest of a beautiful valley for many long years.  It’s last owners tended to it with great care and knowledge.  Today, however, we will learn its structural secrets – and we hope that these are ones that we already know, not ones that will make us break out in sweat, gulp, and look at each other and say: what have we done? yikes!!!!


We walked around the house yesterday, wading through tall grass and a few downed branches. I could see the beginning of peonies among the feathery stands of ferns, hydrangea here and irises there.  Promises of summer blooms.  Up close, I could see the many layers of paint this house has worn through the years, like the weathered wrinkles of  a grand lady who has seen much, survived much, lived through good times and bad.

Hello, old friend, I whispered, tell us your secrets…open your arms to us…we are here.


24 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Now comes the hard part…

  1. Within a week, my teaching partner sold his house and put an offer on another. I am watching him go through this and understand how you feel. When did it all get so complicated?

  2. May your home inspection deliver only good news and may your home have good bones to support the new happiness your family will bring to it. I am sure the home can’t wait for the sounds of music you family will bring.

  3. What a beautiful sentiment! We lived on an old goat farm built in 1907 for a few years, and every season new secrets about the structure and history of the buildings. (Oh look! This is where they buried their trash in the 60’s! Whoa, look at that bed of lilies that was hiding!) You have many great adventures to look forward to.

  4. Tara,

    All good wishes for your new homestead. Such a gorgeous area. Beware of Lyme’s though in those tall grasses. Did you see the lint roller trick on FB? Great idea. My son just bought and sold a house. Oh those inspections. We are selling one, too….but what a treasure you will have. Love how you have described your experience.

  5. The previous owners tended to it with care and now the new owners will do the same. Each season will bring new discoveries to this next part of your life adventure.

  6. I got chills as I read this, Tara. Your love for this farmhouse has been obvious since you found it. I, too, am in love with my cottage built in 1880, so I understand. Shortly after we moved in, I found deeds for the property since 1880. A few were from Mother to daughter for $1. I feel such joy when I bake bread and write within these walls and as I feed the hummingbirds as they did over `100 years ago. Hopefully you will be able to embrace its flaws without too much financial restrictions. My thoughts are with you today!

  7. How exciting. And nerve wracking… old homes do come with stories, secrets and challenges. SO wonderful though that you’ve found a place that speaks to you. I love the way you describe the layers of paint, comparing them to the wrinkles on an old woman.

  8. I just read Clare and Tammy’s post about reading assessment. They spoke about numbers and stories. I hope that the assessment results of the inspection will not contradict the story of warmth and hope you have for this house. May the house welcome and inspire you.

  9. I feel your excitement and trepidation. I have a good feeling about this place. It’s already inspiring you.

  10. I love how you describe your new relationship with your new home. Homes have so many secrets held within them. Hopefully all of your home’s secrets are all good. The house is lovely!

  11. By now you know…Such an honest SOL! We are in similar situations but then not. As you buy an old house, we knocked down our house to build a modern 21st century energy-efficient home designed by my architect-husband…I feel excited/nervous every day. I still wonder when it will be done and if we can still afford to live in it. But it is a GREAT house!! I hope we both are settled in, writing away, in new homes come the fall/winter season!!

  12. Ooh, I loved this line: “like the weathered wrinkles of a grand lady”! I wish I had written that! I hope the inspection went well you are able to create more secrets for the house to keep with your husband.

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