#CelebrateLu & #digilitchallenge: A post about celebrating the “now” and the “to come”


Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

diglit sunday

DigiLit Sunday was created and is hosted by Margaret Simon@ Reflections on the Teche – join the DigiLit Challenge of the day! This week’s DigiLit Challenge is an Invitation. You can create your invitation on the app of your choice.

On this double-duty post (because I love being part of both of these communities…and I am time-challenged these last two weeks of school), I take up Margaret’s challenge to create an invitation to summer.  I used Canva to create this, and a photograph that seemed to contain within it all I celebrate and look forward to this summer :

halfway (1)

Last week was full of completings and startings – all the  projects that become the last weeks of school.  I continue to celebrate the way my kids have embraced learning, so that a few directions and suggestions are all that’s needed from me, and then they’re off and running.

We began our multigenre writing projects, we continued our biography book club projects, and tomorrow we will begin our Civil War projects.  The room is abuzz with talk and laughter, we are at ease in each other’s company and comfortable with the idea that there is work at hand and that it must be attended to.  I celebrate that notion, and hope my kids carry it with them as they leave my classroom on the last day of school.

Even as I drown in grading and all the tasks that must be completed by June 17th., I celebrate the fact that I love my work and my kids, and that I get to live my favorite quote:

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” Theodore Roosevelt


8 thoughts on “#CelebrateLu & #digilitchallenge: A post about celebrating the “now” and the “to come”

  1. I haven’t used Canva before, but will definitely check it out. I tried Padlet for mine. The end of the year is rushed, but to stand back and see these changed kids…also inspired and satisfying. I did multi genres projects with my 6th and 8th graders back when I was teaching that age group. It’s so great for allowing them to express themselves and their new knowledge.

  2. Canva is a great app. Love your summer invitation. June 17th seems so far away. Is that because of all the snow days this year? I have a practical question. How do you get a Pin button on your site?

  3. I love the picture and the idea of summer memories beckoning! I need to try out the Canva app too. Enjoy your last days with your students – summer beckons you!

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