#CelebrateLu & #digilitchallenge: Milestones


Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

diglit sunday

DigiLit Sunday was created and is hosted by Margaret Simon@ Reflections on the Teche – join the DigiLit Challenge of the day!

This Sunday, I celebrate the last two weeks of school, and the way my kids have taken ownership of their their learning.  My work is done, and, with the exception of Social Studies, I have stepped back completely.  From the moment they walk in, my kids glance at the “year end in process projects” list on the board to gauge what they need to attend to right away, where they need to prioritize their energies, and where they need to confer with me to clarify a point or two.  The class hums along with a purposeful rhythm – a year of leading my kids to independence and a classroom work ethic is paying off.

 I also celebrate what Margaret invited us to think about this Digilit Sunday: think about digital literacies and transformation.  The rest of today will be spent on Google Classroom, as I read over my students’ multigenre projects, offer comments and suggestions, and enjoy their writing pieces.  Often, a student will   log on even as I am commenting, and that becomes a conversation.  That’s the power of digital literacy.

Finally, I celebrate two milestones: yesterday I  marked my 100th. post for Two Writing Teachers.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think that anyone would care to turn to my writing about teaching as a source of inspiration and advice.  It’s been a wonderful adventure.  And today, I mark my 1,00th. post on my own blog, right here on A Teaching Life. It was a huge step to create an online journal of my teaching life, a place to reflect, collect and try out ideas, and share what I learn.  This blog was really the first step into the incredible world of an online PLN – and it transformed my teaching.   Many of us operate in isolation; it is hard to explain to people outside of the teaching profession that you can work in a building bustling with noise and exploding with people…and still be isolated and a teaching island all to yourself. Blogging, and Twitter, changed that.


9 thoughts on “#CelebrateLu & #digilitchallenge: Milestones

  1. Congrats on these milestone posts! I always enjoy reading about your teaching and all your writing strategies and ideas. I totally agree with you about online communities being utterly transformational! I am a better teacher and person for taking part in these communities. Thanks fir all you share Tara!

  2. I like how you worked Digital Literacy and Celebration into one post. And I celebrate all your posts, here and on TWT! Your teaching and writing are inspirations. I really want to come visit your class one day. How exciting that your students have become so independent! Happy Summer! I know you are well ready to slow down and spend some quality time with yourself.

  3. Congratulations on your milestones! “The class hums along with a purposeful rhythm – a year of leading my kids to independence and a classroom work ethic is paying off.” That’s what I’m looking forward to next year when I go back and teach 5th grade. Thanks for always sharing your thinking and your learning. I learn so much from you.

  4. Huge cheers from Ohio I hope you can hear them. I am excited to learn more about your independent projects. I am thankful for our friendship and extended PLN.

  5. Tara, it sounds like it has been an amazing year. Congratulations. It’s always refreshing to look back across the year and see how much students have grown.

    Congratulations to you as well. Many milestone blog moments are to be celebrated by you as well. I know I always enjoy stopping by. Here’s to 100 and 1000 more.


  6. Your posts always offer me so much and there’s been 100! Wow. What a journey for us all. I am in awe of the independence you’ve built with your kiddos. What a joy to watch them do all you have taught during the year, on their own! This is something that should be planned into every school year.

  7. Congratulations on so many milestones this past week! I’m glad you took time to step back and reflect on how far your students have come under your guidance in that they are now able to fly solo. Such a celebration!

  8. For writing here…
    For writing for Two Writing Teachers…
    For encouraging us in our writing and teaching…

    Thank you.
    Thank you,
    Thank you.

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