Slice of Life Tuesday: The Perfect “Faculty Meeting” :)

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We met because we wanted to: who wouldn’t want to meet with like minded friends, far flung but always connected through our web of blogs, Twitter, books, and Facebook.  Six educators, and one education luminary – that would be Vicki Vinton, of course – gathered around a table, breaking bread and toasting our gathering with cool wine, and sparkling laughter.

We talked about what we wanted to: there was no agenda to run through, just a meandering pathway of interesting ideas, thoughtful commentary, perceptive speculation, and  wishful dreaming.  We celebrated Vicki’s book-in-progress and her adventures in Provence, we welcomed Fran, Allison, Julieanne, and Sandy – our travelers from half-way and all-the-way across the country, we plotted over a farmhouse writing retreat for us all.

We stayed as long as we could: almost (by ten minutes) four hours.  It takes time to develop threads of conversation,  follow thoughtful ideas, pose meaningful questions, allow for notions to germinate and then work together to allow them to flower.

We truly appreciated this chance to be together: I think each of us felt lucky to be able to sit around the same table and spend time in each other’s company.  For some of us, occasions like this, however few and far between, have to sustain us through a long year of teaching.  Knowing this, we draw closer, listen more intently, remember more vividly.  We were grateful.

It was a lovely gathering of friends…and, since I’m still in the school day frame of mind (summer vacation is just a day old, after all), the perfect “faculty meeting” :).

21 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: The Perfect “Faculty Meeting” :)

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about! The distance between people with such connections falls away when you are able to connect physically. What a powerhouse of minds, I know you want to hug the experience to your very soul and savor every second.

  2. This is the kind of gathering that I loved at NCTE. Even more than the workshops. I learn so much from like minded colleagues. When Julianne and I got together in NOLA last week, we never stopped talking.

  3. “We talked about what we wanted to: … a meandering pathway of interesting ideas, thoughtful commentary, perceptive speculation, and wishful dreaming.” And sprinkled throughout the sparkling laughter. So glad you had this time together!

  4. I just love hearing about how so many people are gathering to learn on the holidays. They are still so keen to talk about refining and planning long after the last school bell for the year has rung. I love that you have these friends to catch up with and share ‘cool wine and sparking laughter.’ 🙂

  5. If only all “faculty meetings” could be this inspirational! Thanks for capturing the details of a special time with friends. We all need to take time out for those kinds of get-togethers.

  6. Just read this with Fran at the TC dorm! This was such an incredible night. It needs to stay with me till the next time we meet. It’s an honor to be included in this faculty.

  7. Love our community because Julieanne said, “Have you read Tara’s post?” as I trudged into the dorm from #tcrwp land and Lucy’s after-session on “Implementing the UoS in Writing!”

    Where do I start? Well, not at the word level! LOL – trying to practice upping the ante! Your theme of fellowship, friendship, and fun is so evident in your writing!

    Au revoir, my friends!!! ❤

  8. Isn’t that what faculty meetings should be? How can we revise them to “sustain us through a long year of teaching?” Now that is instructional leadership. Wish we were there!!
    Clare and Tammy

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