Slice of Life Tuesday: The habits they choose to learn

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Join the Tuesday Slice of Life community at Two Writing Teachers!

I have a terrible habit, one I thought was a secret terrible habit until last Saturday.  So, now that the cat is out of the bag, I may as well write about it…confess my weakness, come clean.

I love Oreo cookies – especially the “Double Stuff” variety with double the cream (I don’t care what the experts say, I still believe that it is double the cream).  But, by the peculiar logic I use to calculate my caloric intake (some ice cream flavors, the ones I adore, have less calories than others, the ones I can live without), the half with the double cream has the same number of calories as the single wafer that composes the other “half”.  I put this logic to use whenever a bag of Double Stuf (that is how they spell it) makes its way into our house.

What to do with the other half once I have enjoyed my decadent one, has always been a matter of some sly maneuvering. Sometimes, Sophie is happy to oblige and help consume the orphaned halves.  Sometimes, I simply dispose of them – out of sight and out of mind.  Sometimes I leave them in the bag, because I have discovered that there are those in our house (perhaps using a version of my logic, i.e. the half of the Oreo without the cream contains has no caloric content) who will quietly consume these halves.  This has been a fool proof system until this weekend, when my daughter Olivia came to visit, bringing along with her a bag of Oreo Double Stuf cookies.

I, who have been eating nothing but fresh, right off the tree, fruit all summer, fell into old habits.  On Sunday evening, after Olivia and her friend had hugged us goodbye and driven off to Ridgewood, I turned to the pantry for some solace.  This is what I found:


Olivia! I have certain habits that I wish this child would have learned in the years she lived at home: make your bed every morning, never leave dirty dishes in the sink, put away folded and ironed laundry rather than root for what you need directly from the laundry basket.  But, she has chosen to eschew those habits for this one.

No one, not even Sophie, was interested in these orphans…


11 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: The habits they choose to learn

  1. Love your confession! I would claim each of those orphans. My tastes have changed over time, so now I actually prefer the wafer rather than the filling. We’d better never get together with a bag of Oreos because we could do some calorie damage.

  2. You didn’t mention that Olivia might have acquired the admirable habit of sharing. I think it might be a gift for mom left behind, right? Fun to contemplate all those temptations. I think you’re also implying that if you don’t have them in the house, you can resist. That’s my idea, but sometimes. . .

  3. This made me laugh and I appreciate the sense of “secret”, “habit” with your oreo obsession. I bet a book could be written about the quirky food obsessions/habits people have!!

  4. Unfortunately, I eat the whole cookie starting with the orphaned half first. That way my last mouthful is cream filled. besides, if all of the calories are in the stuffed half, I am not getting any extra calories in the plain side.
    It is something what habits children pick up.

  5. Hmm. Love Oreos! I’m all about the whole cookie, especially when it’s sprinkled on vanilla ice cream.

    It’s so funny. We are always the model. Sometimes they take advantage of that!

  6. This is such a cute confession. I think we all have our secret obsessions. Those orphan halves would make a nice cookie crust for a pie.

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