Slice of Life Tuesday:The quieter we become…

Sitting on the porch one glorious summer day, I was startled by a loud, whirring noise behind me.  Sophie leapt out of her chair and dashed to one side of the porch, her doggie senses all alert to the source of that noise.  But neither one of us could see anything, so back we went – I to my writing, Sophie to her nap.

And then it happened again…and again, we were mystified.

The third time, we were ready.  The mystery turned out to be a hummingbird, drawn to the bright red scarlet geranium on the porch table.  Our presence, and all our loud and startled antics,  must have scared it away.  I’d never seen a humming bird that close up before, but once I was aware of its existence in our garden, I knew that I needed to be ready for return engagements.

Bee Balm in the garden was one way to attract visitors, and it did…a daily flock of hummingbirds arrived to partake of its nectar, but it was too far away for me to see the action.


So, I purchased something just for these tiny guests, in their favorite color, red, and waited…and waited:

IMG_2296 (1)

This time, we were ready.  This time we were still. And this time we were rewarded:

IMG_2304 (1) IMG_2302

Even when I thought I couldn’t see our new friends, I knew they had arrived…they were there:


“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” Rumi

Isn’t that the truth?


21 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday:The quieter we become…

  1. I am so glad you added photos – so beautiful!! And you actually were able to capture the fast fluttering birds! Your post reminds me of poet Helen Frost’s newest book Sweep Up the Sun. Your photo is worthy to be added to her book!! If you haven’t read her book, do! Enjoy the quiet!!

  2. Oh! How lovely – we have not had the hummingbirds this year but have had two pairs of gold finches. They love the sunflowers and coneflowers. We also have wonderful bees but now have a bee problem that I wrote about today. Fun in the summer! Love your photos.

  3. There is something about a hummingbird’s visit that feels like a gift, a surprise everytime. Even though we know we have lots of them here and see them often (they’re common in VT), we still FEEL like it’s a rare sighting every time. Your writing captures that feeling perfectly!

  4. I think you have shared those thoughts before, but in the classroom. It’s so true. Hummingbirds are just amazing, so to get a glimpse (and photograph!) is always a treat!

  5. Have you sat out wearing a red shirt? They will come so close you might be able to feel the breeze from their wings. What a delightful story of discovery by you and Sophie. I know how patient you must be to get a photo. Wonderful slice and photos!

  6. I love the photos! We have hummingbirds and it always takes me at least two buzz-by-s to stop ducking and just enjoy them. Great story.

  7. Love watching the hummingbirds whiz by! Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived my life just like them, lots of dashing and darting…with short bursts of pure satisfaction in between!

  8. I love watching hummingbirds. Here the seasons are spring and fall, none in the hot summer months. I love their sound, magical and peaceful.

  9. I know that sound they make. It is startling. And I can’t believe you got those pictures! I’ve never been able to get a picture. Lance takes care of them by making their special nectar every week.

  10. Wow! Those pictures are amazing. Thank you for capturing the moment with words and pictures. It sounds like Sophie is doing well with her doggie senses in full operation!

  11. I absolutely loved how you were able to weave the quote into your story! I tried to attract hummingbirds this year; but I was unsuccessful. I obviously need to be quieter…and maybe I should buy a nicer hummingbird feeder. My feeder was not nearly as bright or as fun as the one in your picture.

  12. Hummingbirds are creatures of habit. Ours return for multiple years and we always name them so of course we have opted for feeders that allow multiple birds to “roost” (even though some are bullies)! I’m well trained; the birds will peck on the window if I don’t notice the feeder is empty! ❤

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