Poetry Friday: The Round-up Is Here!

poetry friday

Welcome Poetry Friday friends!  The round-up is a bit late, but here after all!

I was all rush, rush, rush, this morning.  Up till the early hours writing a post for Two Writing Teachers, I woke to a polite message from Mary Lee gently reminding me that it was my turn to host the round up.  Feeling foolish, I got it up and running, and then continued running…out the door and off to work.  Of course, I was now battling school bus  traffic, and hitting every red light from Ridgewood to Glen Rock.  Stuck at one such red light, I looked to the grey winter sky and saw a whispery line of geese in flight. Somehow, just seeing them soaring off  into the rising sun was enough to lift my spirits and calm me down.  And now, having read this Mary Oliver poem, I am ready to begin the day (again) with joy:

Snow Geese - Mary Oliver:


28 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Round-up Is Here!

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  3. Tara, my week has been like your morning! Wild geese always bring Mary Oliver to my mind. It’s a lovely poem. I love the reference to “to stop time when something wonderful has touched us.” I’m glad for your geese moment, and thank you for hosting today.

  4. Oh, gosh, Tara! I just came back and saw the words and poem…somehow I did not see them the first time. I am so glad you found the right poem at the just right time. Wishing you some peace this weekend…

  5. Thank you so much for hosting– despite and in view of all the other demands on your time! The Oliver poem is a special treat; sorry for the traffic delay; glad for the resultant shared poem experience. Every blessing. “The geese flew on…” Good, or not-so-good, “all things pass away,” to quote St. Teresa of Avila. Somethings don’t seem to pass away quickly enough; other things, all too quickly. Especially during this holiday season, tanks for the timely reminders! …Hope all the lights on your return home flash green and only green for you!

  6. Thank you Tara for hosting today’s poetry friday and for sharing another Mary Oliver poem. I adore Mary Oliver, she captures nature and its wisdom so vividly that i find myself often pausing after a few lines to imagine, to absorb and to ponder her words.

  7. My selection is “Here’s A Little Poem: a very first book of poetry: collected by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters and illustrated by Polly Dunbar.

  8. I love this, Tara–the power of nature and of poetry:>) A flock of honking geese flew overhead yesterday, here in MN. Too late for them to be migrating south; too early to be returning. What the heck? Our extended fall and now mild almost-winter have the animals all off-kilter. I always think of Oliver’s “Wild Geese” when I hear them, and, with even MORE love, Rachel Field’s “Something Told the Wild Geese.” http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/something-told-the-wild-geese/ Hope your weekend is calmer than yesterday/today!

  9. Tara, the flight of the geese paired with the poem brought back balance back to your hectic day. Feeling pressured at the holiday time is normal occurrence. Thank you for sharing a bit of white space for my day.

  10. “as if delight
    were the most serious thing
    you ever felt.”

    When delight leaves me for any while longer than a moment, I know I need to look elsewhere: skyward, down or out,
    to find it again. Thanks for sharing this one, and for hosting!

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