Poetry Friday: The Round-up is here!

Welcome Poetry Friday friends!  We’re expecting snow all up and down the East Coast, so I am sharing a poem about peaceful snowfall…the kind one wants to have on a January weekend.  Fingers crossed!


Snow Fall

by May Sarton

With no wind blowing
It sifts gently down,
Enclosing my world in
A cool white down,
A tenderness of snowing.

It falls and falls like sleep
Till wakeful eyes can close
On all the waste and loss
As peace comes in and flows,
Snow-dreaming what I keep.

Silence assumes the air
And the five senses all
Are wafted on the fall
To somewhere magical
Beyond hope and despair.

There is nothing to do
But drift now, more or less
On some great lovingness,
On something that does bless,
The silent, tender snow.

Here’s the link up…stay warm, Poetry Friday friends!

29 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Round-up is here!

  1. I’ll be back soon, hoping you will be warm, too. I love that idea of “nothing to do but drift now”, and hope the real thing is “a tenderness of snowing”. Thanks for hosting, Tara.

  2. Thank you for hosting and, especially, for accommodating over-anxious early birds:) (That would be me.) Thank you, too, in view of the impending snow that will grace us this weekend, for sharing a poem filled with so many tender images. (Let’s hope the Winter weather is such–so gentle a snow that brings peace, and dreams, and blessings–and not biting, icy, frozen snow that leaves heartbreak in its wake.) God bless you! Safe travels! Thank you!

  3. Ooh! I love May Sarton’s work, and you have reminded me to search out a book of her poems. Great minds think alike in advance of this blizzard – I’m in with “The Snow” by C. Alice Roberts (later Lady Elgar), with bonus choral setting!

    Thanks so much for hosting!

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  5. Oh, Tara, a lovely new snow poem to add to my collection. No snow for us last year. And who knows? I may have to subsist on other’s pics and snow poems for another year. So many lovely phrases: “…somewhere magical beyond hope and despair.” Hoping your snow blesses you with magic and lovingness.

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  7. A very tranquil, beautiful poem, Tara. Perfectly matched with the image. A tenderness of snowing is beautiful. I for sure will stay warm; according to predictions, we’re heading into a heatwave. Mayhaps the warmth of my comment will take the chill off your snow…

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  9. “The silent, tender snow” is the best kind, isn’t it? Not sure that we’ll have much here in CT. Hope you weather the storm without any trouble. Thank you for hosting today, Tara, and for sharing this gorgeous poem!

  10. What a lovely poem! We’re expecting a lot of snow, not the peaceful kind, unfortunately. Hope you have a good safe weekend.

    Am celebrating National Soup Month at Alphabet Soup.

    Thanks for hosting this week, Tara!

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  12. What a gorgeous poem. I love snow, and this captures so much of how it makes me feel (as long as I don’t have to drive on icy roads). Lovely start to my Friday. Thanks, Tara, for hosting and sharing this Sarton poem.

  13. “Enclosing my world in
    A cool white down”

    Nice! We’re supposed to miss the storm, which is a welcome thought for me since I have to work tomorrow. Stay safe.

  14. Wishing all of you in the East warmth and safety. This poem makes the snow seem gentle and restful. I’m sure this is not always so. Thanks for hosting today.

  15. That May–always surprising me.
    “Snow-dreaming what I keep”
    –looking forward to drifting on this
    blizzard, keeping what white and soft
    and what else ice and mud?

    Thanks for hosting, Tara!

  16. Thanks for sharing Snow Fall. It’s beautiful and I love it when the snow is “peaceful.” I think the East Coast may have to wait for the calm after the storm to feel the peace of the snow. Stay warm and thanks for hosting 😀

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  18. Thought I’d posted a comment but don’t see it here…
    So I said something like:
    Loved “silent, tender snow”! Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem and thanks for hosting today.
    I think we will just miss the snow here in Maine. Hope you have a nice warm-in-the-house-with-hot-chocolate kind of day in the snow!

  19. Thanks for hosting.
    My selection is “Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea” by Joyce Carol Thomas with illustrations by Floyd Cooper.

  20. Tara, thank you for being the hostess with the mostess: a beautiful snowy country scene, a winter poem, peacefulness, and positive snow thoughts. I am offering an invitation to my newest gallery, Winter Wanderings.

  21. Thanks for hosting Tara! Hope you are somewhere warm and safe, with a pile of good bookes, watching the snow. The East Coast doesn’t sound all that peaceful!

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