Slice of Life Tuesday:

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Early one snowy morning

The sun has barely risen

as I make my way

to school.

Snow crunches

under  tires

and morning light

seeps around corners,

peeks over treetops.

The road

and snow banks


soft pink.

The day invites.


That was the way I began the first day of the week, the first work day after our big snow storm.  I think I was surprised and delighted by the silent beauty of my drive to school. On most days, my mind is on the nuts and bolts of the day ahead…and the kids.  Mostly, I am thinking about the kids.  I am aware of the road, of course, but I’ve driven this route so many times over the past fifteen years that I am no longer as observant of the trees and the sky and and the light as I once was.  All that is secondary to the work ahead, to the call of my classroom and the rhythm of our learning day.

But, on Monday morning  the landscape was hard to just drive through.  So I took my time, and accepted the invitation to be enchanted by winter’s glory.  My day was blessed by that enchantment, I think.




23 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday:

  1. Tara, this is beautiful…it absolutely encapsulates the peace and awe of that moment as you drove to school. Thanks for sharing! I wish more mornings started as peacefully as this one!

  2. I noticed it too. The “after the storm rainbow of morning light intermingled with a pristne white landscape” that seemed to say, “Today is going to be a good day.”

  3. Your words really did make a picture in my mind!! I find it hard to capture setting descriptions well in my writing. I’m going to tuck your post away to revisit as I try to next time. And I guess the real place to start is, as you mention, to slow down and just see it without being distracted by other thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I can hear how quiet it must have been! Love this line, “…accepted the invitation to be enchanted by winter’s glory”!! YES! Thank you for sharing. Change of perspective is always good for the soul!

  5. One of the things I am most thankful for these days is knowing I don’t need to get my car shoveled out because I need to get to work. There really is nothing prettier than newly fallen snow, but it is hard to appreciate it when you are watching the road and other drivers. Safe traveling to you.

  6. Tara, as much as I despise the snow, sometimes it does make my breath catch – the way it settles so softly on tree limbs. I’m glad you caught some of the enchantment and let it seep into your day.

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