Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

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Digilit Sunday is hosted by Margaret Simon @Reflections on the Teche as an invitation for educators to share ideas for digital literacy and learning.

This evening, Margaret Simon Tweeted out her prompt for Digilit Sunday: What do you treasure?  just as I was about to begin a post for Ruth Ayres’ Celebrate This Week!  Luckily, what I celebrate this week coincides entirely with what I treasure, too, so here goes:

Time to write: both in my classroom as well as for me personally.  My kids took charge of their writing time this week, more so than usual, and watching them work with satisfied energy was so meaningful to me.  I talk to my kids all the time about how gratifying it is to live a writer’s life, and this week I feel they really got it…they really understood this:

“Writing has so much to give, so much to teach, so many surprises. That thing you had to force yourself to do—the actual act of writing—turns out to be the best part. It’s like discovering that while you thought you needed the tea ceremony for the caffeine, what you really needed was the tea ceremony. The act of writing turns out to be its own reward.”
― Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and LifeTime to read

My online writing group: writing is a solitary endeavor, but it needs nourishing and encouragement, too.  I treasure and celebrate our writing group, which has now evolved into something more. We encourage each other to write, of course, but we pay attention to those other aspects of each others’ lives which interconnect and intersect and form the foundation of what we write about: our teaching lives, our own children, the books we read, and the noticings of our daily lives.  We live in different states and time zones, but we are on the same wavelength, and that is the magic of the digital age and its tools: Voxer, Google docs, etc.

Time to disconnect: I realize that this is my second reference to the inimitable Anne Lamott in one post, but I am finding ways to make time for this:

IMG_3721 (1)

I put my various devices away, free myself from the signals of each incoming message and notification, focus on being quiet and present, and find some gift left for me to  discover. Yesterday, it was a collection of bird nests high in a tree a few doors away.  Now I know where our blue jays and cardinals reside!










6 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. I love the idea that unplugging affords us the opportunity to observe. Tara, please consider sending me a photograph of your winter surroundings or better yet a poem/photo digital treasure to upload to Winter Wanderings. I would like to honor all the voices of my writing colleagues.

  2. I like this: “The act of writing turns out to be its own reward.” and it’s so true for me. Thanks for the reminder, Tara. And I like that you get away too, to notice beautiful things. That’s also a reward. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Love that you were able to celebrate connectedness and the ability to disconnect all in the same post. One of the challenges of our day is discovering the balance. What serendipity to discover a collection of bird nests. Happy Valentine’s Day, Tara!

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