Slice of Life Tuesday: Winter walks

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snow path

Morning walk

Snowflakes, fat and downy, fall softly on our coats.  In the stillness of a holiday morning, I can hear them land gently on our coats – lacy shrouds on my scarlet jacket and Sophie’s jet-black fur.   Our footfalls are muffled as we lay tracks across the pathway, and every once in a while we turn around to see snow fill up the traces of our early morning walk. Our neighbor’s homes are dark; a lone and empty looking bus bound for the city swooshes gently by.

Afternoon walk

The morning’s snow has turned to slush, which sloshes up the sides of my sneakers and soaks my feet within minutes.  Our neighbor’s lights are on, and their windows dance with warmth as we slosh through puddles of icy water.  Sophie pauses every now and then to shake raindrops from her fur.  Everywhere we hear the drip drip of rain, keeping time to the snow sliding off bare winter branches.

Night walk

Sleet slices through the air, and we keep our faces down.  The ground is frozen now, and we tread with care.  Patches of ice reveal themselves only after we have skidded and slid this way and that, even sure footed Sophie is uncertain about where to walk, which turn to take.  Plumes of smoke waft from our neighbor’s homes; we can see them gathered by fireplaces and under the golden glow of lamps as we make our way through the frigid evening, up the street and around the corner and then home.



20 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Winter walks

  1. Beautiful! I walked right alongside you. “Plumes of smoke waft from our neighbor’s homes; we can see them gathered by fireplaces and under the golden glow of lamps” –I find my favorite time to walk is the early evening, when people are settling in. I like peeking in (not in a creepy way!) to see families enjoying time together.

  2. I love how you took us through the day because snowy walks certainly do feel all kinds of things throughout the day. My favourite is always the morning walk. Your night walk with home close by has such an almost there comforting feel.

  3. Snow. glorious snow–wet, slushy snow–gray, dirty snow–white, fluffy snow. It comes in lots of different ways, doesn’t it? I loved this piece. We’re right there with you in Maine.

  4. Your piece perfectly describes this last bit of weather we had – started as snow and then as it warmed, shush and then as it cooled, ice. I found myself experience that “skidded and slid this way and that” as I walked outside my house this morning. Thanks for sharing winter walks so clearly!

  5. Yes, I saw the transition too yesterday. Mother Nature’s such a trickster! The opening paragraph could be transformed into a beautiful poem to accompany the photo. What do you say about submitting it for Winter Wanderings?

  6. Since that “one” big snow, we’ve had impossibly warm weather here. Don’t know what’s happening, but I love that you took me to a wonderful snowy day, even though you don’t want it every day. Love seeing all three events!

  7. Seems like you are a prose poet, Tara! Your paragraphs are already poems as far as I’m concerned. Your Sophie appears to be easier to walk than my Lucy, who always wants to run or stop (forget about just plain walking!).

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