Slice of Life Tuesday:A slice of a perfect day

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Dublin, Ohio.  For all the years in which I have been blogging, or following Tweets and Twitter chats, I have known this to be true:some of the smartest, nicest, and loveliest teachers all just happen to teach in Dublin, Ohio.  For so many years now, I’ve been hearing about the Dublin Literacy Conference, and scheming of a way to get there…even if the conference falls in February, when the snow is known to be knee high.   And on Saturday, all that scheming with my good friend Lori Carter paid off…and there we were, in Dublin, Ohio.

It was a perfect day. We went from session to session, being inspired, and affirmed.  We learned, learned, learned.  And in between sessions, we talked, hugged, and talked some more.

In the evening, we stopped at a bookstore on the way to dinner.  Not just any book store, by the way, but a book store that requires an entire house (a charming old house, at that) for a collection like this:

IMG_4040 (1)

It was a jewel of a bookstore, twinkling magically on that balmy February evening:

and, friends inside beckoned us in:


IMG_4038 (1)

(can you spot TWO amazing Dublin teachers in the picture above?!)

But, the BEST part was meeting inside – the picture books and YA section, of course – to rhapsodize over books…   We had such wonderful conversations about books: the ones our kids love, the ones we love sharing with them, new ones we’ve discovered, and old ones we will never let go.   We meandered through stacks of beautifully displayed books, pausing to share stories from our classrooms, stories of the children we teach.

Books, stories, teaching, and children.  The stuff of our lives…and the stuff of a slice of our lives.















21 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday:A slice of a perfect day

  1. How great is that? What is in the water in Dublin OH? I have always wondered what it would be like to teach in a place where so many people share your values about teaching. That bookstore looked fabulous. Loved seeing Deb peeking over the top! Great slice. Such joy.

  2. Tara, we loved Dub Lit last year – one of our favorite conferences… and we LOVE the Book Loft. We have to Columbus for Dub Lit or the RR conference for the past three years and the Book Loft is always a part of our trip. It is magical. Thanks for all the tweets and posts from Dub Lit this year –it felt like we were there.

  3. What a fabulous way to spend a weekend! First the conference, then the icing on the cake, the book store! You were living a dream last weekend. So if Lori has the power to get you to Dublin, maybe she needs to work some of her magic and get you to Warsaw in June. 🙂

  4. When I first noticed so many amazing folks were from Dublin, I thought it must be something in the water. It’s no surprise they would host such an amazing conference. So glad you went to fill your cup with teacher love.

  5. Tara, I am delighted that you attended the conference and gave us so many peaks into it. I have chatted with dublitchat educators on Twitter and that chat is fabulous too. The Book Loft looks amazing. Have a great day reading the slices. That is what I am heading off to do.

  6. I had never even heard of Dublin, Ohio until I started blogging regularly, then it seemed everyone I met was from there. What a wealth of amazing teachers! This post did not help my huge case of envy over your being there.

  7. Booklovers having a conversation in a bookstore – wonderful time guaranteed. Having an inspiring conference before that – I can see how the day could not be called anything less than perfect.

  8. Great post, Tara! I think it’s very interesting that we both talked about bookstores on our posts today! 🙂 We must be on the same wavelength.

  9. It was an absolutely wonderful evening – the people, the books, the conversation, the food. All combined to create something quite special. I am so very glad you came to #Dublit16, and that we spent such quality time together!

  10. Glad you loved the Lit Conference! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you! I have always been proud to teach in Dublin and to have gone to school there… it’s a truly special district! 🙂

  11. My heart was happy as we had a chance to visit and share. It’s such s special gift that you were able to come to Dublin. Hope you have an amazing week friend.

  12. I’m sorry to have missed sharing the Book Loft with you but am so happy you got there with good people. Dinner was delightful and having the time to visit and talk about stuff, is important.

  13. I was watching all of the tweets from Dublit this weekend realizing, hmmm…last year I was jealous of all these people. Now I”ve watched from the sideline another year. I’m definitely jealous of you getting there…on my bucket list! =)

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