SOLSC: March 8, 2016: Farewell, Downton Abbey


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downton-abbey-901995947Sunday nights, Downton Abbey season, were lovely.

We would gather on the sofa, a glass of wine in hand, for the pre-Downton pre-gaming: where did we leave off? what catastrophe was looming? what tragedy needed to be forestalled? what new glimmer of happiness would emerge? And, whatever new witticism would Lady Violet drop which would have us laughing for days to come?

For six seasons, plus all the re-runs when we couldn’t bear waiting for the next season to begin, we gathered faithfully to watch…and Downton Abbey never disappointed.  Even when it broke our hearts (Lady Edith! Lady Mary! Poor Barrow!), it found a way to eventually heal them.  And even when events turned dark and hopeless (Bates and Anna! Lady Edith – always!), there was always a sneaking suspicion that somehow all would be put to rights.

On Sunday, wine glass and a box of tissues on hand, we watched all the gossamer ends of this long and beautiful story come together gloriously.  I will miss the characters, the setting, the costumes…and the kindness.  There was such humanity and kindness, ultimately, in every character and every storyline…there was always the hope of redemption, forgiveness, love, and compassion.

Mrs. Hughes led the household in a final Auld Lang Syne…the camera pulled back, and we saw  Downton Abbey through a veil of snow one last time.  Farewell, friends, it was grand.





23 thoughts on “SOLSC: March 8, 2016: Farewell, Downton Abbey

  1. We enjoyed the series too. I’m glad everything ended on a positive note. Just like a good book, Downton leaves me wondering what the characters are doing now.

  2. So grand!! I especially loved how the characters gave such hope as they grew and evolved, wearing the most exquisite dresses!!!

  3. I have only watched the first season and loved it. Waiting for summer to watch again in binge fashion. There is something about that weekly appointment with a story that is beautiful. The downside of Netflix.

  4. I was mesmerized, did not move until it was over. The scenes moved from part to part so well and quickly, and each one made me smile. I am reminded of the Dr. Seuss quote: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Thanks, Tara.

  5. Ok… confession… I started to read this and worried it would spoil the show for me. I had not watched the finale yet. So I closed your post. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I just watched the end. Tea, not wine, and yes tons of tissues. It was a perfect ending and I feel as if I somehow shared it with you! Thanks for inspiring me to sneak a slice of time into my morning!
    Now back to work for me!

  6. I also regret never watching a series. I heard nothing but rave reviews. I love how you made the scene come to life. I hate when the series comes to an end. What’s next?

  7. I have gotten a chuckle out of reading multiple people lamenting the end of Downton Abbey the past 2 days in slicing. I am most definitely among them!
    I love how you described your emotions around characters – yes, yes, yes. It was a soap opera for sure, but one done with such wonderful artists, I just chose to get enmeshed in all their lives. 🙂

  8. Grand indeed. I love the connections of SOLers, all watching Downton for the last time. I just knew you would all be my kindred spirits. 🙂

  9. It was fabulous to have Downton on Sunday nights. And then lunches at school where we talked and rehashed everything that happened and predicted what would happen. I feel as sad as when the Harry Potter series ended. You nailed it – “It was grand!”

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