SOLSC: March 23, 2016: I’m hearing the magic word, “farm”!


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I may appear relaxed and peaceful, but I am actually on high alert.  I know that something is going on.  Boxes are being packed, coats and boots are being pulled out of closets, and lots of lists are being made.

The people who live with me seem to be smiling more, and (best of all) I am hearing the magic word: farm!


Soon, I think, that dratted leash will be tucked away.  I will have hills and meadows to roam and run in, and woods in which to chase squirrels and rabbits.  There will be delicious new smells to investigate, holes to dig, and barns to patrol – so much important business to take care of.  I will be busy, very busy, at this magic place – “farm”.   Luckily, there is just the place to rest after a day of my work:


There is only one cloud on my horizon…he is also coming along:

FullSizeRender (50)







19 thoughts on “SOLSC: March 23, 2016: I’m hearing the magic word, “farm”!

  1. I love the story told from the dog’s perspective!! I was reading it on my phone just now and it was taking time to load. I could read the last line but not yet see the picture of HE…then it appeared and my prediction was correct!!! Thanks for a story that had me actively reading!

  2. Wow! So much fun told from your dog’s perspective – but the surprise was the ending – told with the help of the photograph and so wonderfully described as “the one cloud in my horizon…” Simply delightful! Thanks, Tara!

  3. I love how you used the dog. I laughed out loud at the cat. Reminds me of a book of poetry I have about hummingbirds where the cat and the dog each have a poem about their thoughts on the bird.

  4. Love the point of view, and the last line is hysterical! I’m excited for all of you that the visit to “the farm” is coming closer and closer. You will all have such a nice time in that beautiful location!!

  5. The post made me smile. Loved the twist in the end. I would love to be come along too to the magical place – the farm.

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