SOLSC & Poetry Friday: March 25, 2016 – “Home”


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Poetry Friday round-up with Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe.

Poetry Friday round-up with Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe.

When my son was in first grade, he authored a series about a mighty mouse who stood for justice and defending those who could not do so themselves.   Bazooka Bill, he was called, and he was (apart from being strong and fair-minded) also hilarious.  The series was a big hit both at home and at school, earning him praise from family and friends alike.  The only problem was, well…the bazooka.  I remember a few conversations about alternate means of bringing justice to the world: magic wand? light saber?  But, no, Ben thought the bazooka was integral to his story, and so bazooka it was.

Every author night, and there were quite a few, I would sit through stories about Disney World, and fun at the beach…and then Ben would get up in front of his friends and their parents and read his latest Bazooka Bill installment.  His friends were delighted, their parents less so.  “Keep that kid away from Lisa, would you?” one father whispered to his wife, as I pretended not to hear.  It pretty much always went like that, but Ben was on a writing roll…and I was a happy mom for that.

Ben went on, thankfully, to write about many other things.  He is a gifted writer today, and can turn his hand at humor, serious journalism and literary  criticism with equal passion and precision, but I remain fondest of his grade school writing, where it all started.  The annals of Bazooka Bill live in the book case of my study, and I have just to look at their cardboard bindings to smile.  I also love looking at this poem he wrote in fourth grade, which does not feature any weapons…just his love for his family and our home:



25 thoughts on “SOLSC & Poetry Friday: March 25, 2016 – “Home”

  1. I am absolutely in love with Ben’s poem. What a gifted writer he was and surely still is. What 4th grader uses words like intricate and bannister? And he knew well then how to put together language to emote a response. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That poem takes my breath away – he understood the layers of meaning of your home at such a young age. He is clearly a unique young man – so glad you let him find his voice. Important reminder for all of us to let our kids write what engages him.

  3. I love everything about Ben. From Bazooka Bill to his poetry of your home life. He brings the world of growing up in your home to life. It feels warm and loving. And in defense of Bill, the need for alliteration clearly made the bazooka necessary.

  4. That poem was fourth grade? It’s lovely. Clearly he got his love of life and the written word from you. And your continued encouragement help make him the wonderful writer he is now. This is such a wonderful slice.

  5. 4th grade???? He was clearly gifted. I love the story of his first grade imaginative character and the pride you took in his writing, despite some of those not-so-nice comments. The poem is just incredible and full of love. No surprise. 🙂

  6. Talent for writing was passed down to Ben. I can imagine your response the first time you read this poem. It clutches the heart and doesn’t let go. You do the same thing with your words.

  7. Oh my this is lovely, Tara, the images of the family make me smile very big. All together, each at their own tasks while the cats snooze. Such a picture of contentment. And I love Bazooka Bill, in all its conflicts. Having a gun does not violence make. Obviously Ben is creative in many ways, and those early stories set a stage for the rest. Thanks for sharing such a memory.

  8. Ben’s poem, yes, but your reflection–such a fine contrast, with small details of a parent’s perspective, a knowing picture of your son’s creative autonomy. This is a *deep* slice, Tara.

  9. I love the festive circus of food and cats snoozing. I love how full of love he was. My boys were obsessed with blasting bad guys, and they rode “shotgun” even in their carseats. Now they are turning into fine young men, too. Heartwarming share.

  10. This poem is a wonderful treasure. I can understand why you say your son is a gifted writer today. My favorite line was the “festive circus food”. I just wondering what you were making!?

  11. You are very right, Ben is a very gifted writer. He was able to put all those elements together in a poem i fourth grade???? WOW. I hope you have that poem in a safe place.

  12. I loved reading about Ben’s imaginative stories, and his poem about home is just stunning. Reading this also prompted me to think about the kids who aren’t given the opportunity to write like this in school or at home. I have no idea how old Ben is now, but I imagine that his Bazooka Bill stories and other creations preserve that part of his childhood for your family. Thanks for all you do to foster this kind of opportunity for all kids.

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