SOLSC: March 26, 2016 & Celebrate This Week:A different landscape


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We are on the edge of Spring in New Jersey, and all the early signs of the season are already much in evidence: crocuses and pushing through, the dogwoods are budding, and the forsythia bushes are showing hints of their golden glory.

But, in Washington County, NY, where we are for Easter weekend, winter has yet to shed its grey cloak.  We closed on our farm early last July, and my memory is still suffused with lush green landscapes of meadows, hills and cornfields of the Summer, and their Fall wardrobe of vivid reds and gold.   But, this grey, beige and sage landscape is lovely, and quietly soothing, too.

We can see the contours of the hills and valleys around us, and Vermont’s Green Mountains seem much closer.  Everywhere, the cornfields are being prepared and their mazelike furrows and ridges extend for acres and acres.  There is a stillness when we walk in the woods, and  the snow sodden leaves have lost their crunch.

Winter lets go much more reluctantly up here in the North Country…but there is much to celebrate in its grey splendor, none the less:

washington county spring 2washington county spring 3

wshington county spring.jpg

All the photographs above were taken by my friend Sue Clary, whose art and antique gallery I treasure year round.

19 thoughts on “SOLSC: March 26, 2016 & Celebrate This Week:A different landscape

  1. A new season to view the farm reveals another layer of beauty. Often the winter is considered dull, but I love the silhouettes that emerge and outline the vistas. Gorgeous pictures, but the words were simply perfect.

  2. Indeed there is beauty and special promise in each of the seasons….and in each of the landscapes where we celebrate special family moments in time.

  3. What a beautiful turn of phrase is this: “winter has yet to shed its grey cloak.” I can already see how your farm feeds you.

  4. I do love that second picture, the sun celebrating the field, Tara. And that the leaves have lost their crunch! Have a wonderful weekend! One day I hope to get to Sue Clary’s shop!

  5. I wrote about a slow spring as well today. I include the small little images of spring but I love your wide landscapes of the farm. I have been in the city all winter and am so ready to get out and see the fields. Thanks for giving me a quick peek into the larger landscape.

  6. I treasure this grey splendor even though I am anxious for colors of spring. I’m curious how the landscape will appear one month from now. Thanks for sharing the photo gallery along with your written piece.

  7. I’ve been thinking about you and your farm. I was hoping you’d post some pictures. Your farm is so beautiful even if winter is reluctant to let go. Happy Easter! Enjoy this time. 🙂

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