SOLSC – March 28,2016: Choices


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Back in the days when my kids were very young, I had some strict kitchen rules which were constructed mainly to save my sanity.   The chief among these rules were: meals were served when meals were served (“I am not running a restaurant here!”), and although menu ideas were always appreciated, I got to choose what was ultimately served (“You get what you get, and you don’t get upset!”).   Some of my kids’ friends had moms who offered many choices and didn’t seem to mind fixing special meals for each of their special kids, but that wasn’t my way.   The way I rationalized this strictness was this: I’d rather that all of us were out of the kitchen and doing other things (like the play ground or the library). There was some bitter grumbling, I have to admit, but the rules stuck.

Until…my kids moved out of the house, into their own apartments, and showed up for meals once in a great while.   This Easter weekend, for example, Ben woke up first and ambled into the kitchen looking for breakfast.  My husband and I had already eaten hours earlier, but I volunteered to make him exactly the kind of breakfast his heart most desired:


which was much appreciated.   Ben ate with great gusto, and remarked (more than once) how different this was from times past, when kitchen rules ruled.

Two hours later, Elizabeth shuffled downstairs in search of coffee and something to eat…voila!  Breakfast #2!:

IMG_4315 (1)

Both kids agreed how lovely it was to have  these newer and kinder kitchen rules.  And for the moment, I am going along.


21 thoughts on “SOLSC – March 28,2016: Choices

  1. Loved your rules of the kitchen! But love it even more that each one got the breakfast of their choice on this special time together. Perhaps the farm kitchen has a more lenient policy? Now I’m starving for some bacon and eggs!

  2. This is more about love and missing your kids than it is about rules. I can feel the joy you felt each time you created their favorite breakfasts, like my mother making pancakes for me.

  3. Mmmm! Your breakfasts leave me hungry. And your love shines through. I love your conclusion – “And for the moment, I’m going along.” It is fun to spoil them a bit when they come home, isn’t it?

  4. I love this…as the parent of two young kids, I feel like I am running a restaurant sometimes, and have put my foot down on choices…but I know from my own experiences with my parents and grandparents that I will, one day, make them whatever they want. What a great slice!

  5. I love the farm breakfast! I was wishing I was a kid at your house. Rules do change when kids visit only once in a while. So nice to have them there to chat and to be able to feed them once again.

  6. I love the kindness you showed your kids by making them breakfast this weekend. And it is easier when they aren’t around all the time.

  7. I wish someone had shared your kitchen rules with me before I became a short order cook. I think it was sweet of you to make separate breakfasts for your kids. They obviously were touched by the surprise!

  8. Last week I wrote about involving them more in the process of meal planning – that has been working. I must say food is one area I spoil my kids. I love for them to love the food I make for them. They both play sports and are always hungry. I even deliver food to their rooms while they do homework. I can’t imagine what I will do once they leave home…. glad you are having fun spoiling them a bit now.

  9. I’m a few years behind you, but my kitchen rules are much more lax than they were when the kids were younger. There’s something that feels so good about creating nice meals for the girls. Love the way you’ve contrasted the interactions in your writing, Tara.

  10. Much more fun when you have the time for a lovely Sunday breakfast, and you can spoil the kids one more time. Our rule was the kids chose one day a week’s menu & helped me cook, and you ate was was served or at least tried it. They could make a Peanut Butter sandwich later if they wished. Love the pics, pretty plates and the food looks sumptious.

  11. Love the intersecting pictures with writing. Very well done. I miss my mom’s cooking while I’m here at school- even when it’s you get what you get and you don’t get upset!

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