SOLSC – March 29,2016: Back to school



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I trudge up the stairs early this Tuesday morning, backpack and bags loaded down for the week.  We’ve been on Easter Break since Thursday – four days ago, which is a long time, really, in the lives of my sixth graders.

As I make my way down the long sixth grade hallway and to our room, my thoughts are crowded and harum-scarum.  Will they remember where we last left off in our read aloud? or our Social Studies unit on the Industrial Revolution?  Will they remember that we are to begin our Argument Writing unit, and be as excited about the prospect as they were the week before?

The hallway is still, the classroom dark, and I turn the key.  In the cool grey light of early morning, our room is in shadows, it is quiet and waiting.  Soon, they will be here, my children…they will jostle and shout, they will yawn and complain about having to wake up early again, they will be bursting with stories about what they did and who they saw and why they are sad to be back.

It will be noisy today.  It will be a day to call on the angels of patience and understanding. It will be a day of: “I can’t believe I am here!”, “Man, I wish we had another day to relax!”, “I am so tired already!”, and “I wish we’d had another day!”.

“Did you miss us?” someone will ask, and they will smile and guffaw in disbelief when I say, “Yes, actually, I did.”

And I will look out at my classroom full of sixth graders, in all their uncontainable exuberance, their exasperating and unpredictable ways,  and I will be the only one in Room 202 to know the truth of this: I missed them, and this is why I teach.






26 thoughts on “SOLSC – March 29,2016: Back to school

  1. I think students are secretly glad to get back to school too! Aren’t we lucky to have a career we are happy to get back to?

  2. I love seeing the smiling faces of my students. I also often wonder if they will remember where we were before the break. Sometimes it’s like starting over. What really melts my heart is when they ask me about my break. And, yes, I’ve missed them too!

  3. You describe all the possible perspectives of 6th graders. You know them so well! I, too, felt happy to get to teach again after break. Despite everything, teaching is a great job! I may bookmark your post to reread on a difficult day.

  4. You captured the return to school perfectly, Tara. My favorite line is: “In the cool grey light of early morning, our room is in shadows, it is quiet and waiting.” This line gives life to your classroom. I bet it, too, will be happy to have its kids back.

  5. I’m doing this on west-coast time. They will be so full of everything. (We leave for a three-day field trip tomorrow!)
    As you open your door I feel the calm waiting for the storm. Looking for those angels and their smiles!

  6. Yes, the group and you a part, missing all that you do together is what makes teaching such a joy in spite of the need for rest and quiet once in a while, like this short break. Hope it’s a lovely day full of “what they did” & “what they’re going to do”.

  7. Aw. Sweet. I am still in vacation mode, but I can look forward to next Monday. The joy will be the students who come back to our reading groups…they are the reason to teach.

  8. Your students probably know how much you care and it’s not a surprise that you missed them. I hope your day back was wonderful.

  9. I love your care for your students and the excitement you bring to the classroom. I also loved those early morning moments when the classroom was shadowed and quiet. The moment before students burst through the door full of light and energy. All love!

  10. I went back to work today, too! It’s always hard getting back into the swing of things when you’ve had time off to sleep in, relax, and take life at your own pace. But your students, regardless of what they say, are happy to be back and missed you, just like you missed them!

  11. This is a delightful piece. I loved reading about the quiet waiting room and the anticipation of the upcoming arrival of children with their noise and hustle and bustle. Your caring shines through and your ending lines are perfect.

  12. I love the ebb and flow of our jobs. We break. We gather. We celebrate. A confession: I was more tired today than I was after a week of spring break. This 4 day break was tough! But as you stated so well, I was so happy to be back!

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