Slice of Life Tuesday: Livy’s London


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My daughter Olivia and and I trudged around her London last week – exploring all the places she had made her own during her junior year studying abroad.  We stopped at place after place, noting  spots she had discovered for herself and made her own.  London is a city I have lived in and visited many times, but it was a joyful to re-experience its nooks and crannies through the eyes of Olivia.

She had arrived some months ago, trepidatious and ecstatic all at once…as the young so often are when a new adventure is about to begin. Each passing week brought some new adventure and discovery in her scholastic and personal lives.  We would hear of these in our (almost) nightly Facetime visits, and could see how they were beginning to change the way Livy thought about the world and her place in it:

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.43.19 PM

But, to see her in London, her home for the past long months, was to see that growth first hand: to hear it in the lit of her voice, the sparkle in her eyes, the way she guided me from place to place.  It had been her adventure, her time to spread her wings and fly. And she had.  We raise our children to find their own way and take their place in the world.  And when they do, we celebrate.


26 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Livy’s London

  1. Oh my, your post resonated here! My daughter is in England this semester and just got back from 2-weeks traveling around Europe–primarily on her own. We spent yesterday Skyping for an hour or more while she recapped her travels. How wonderful it is that you were able to travel to experience your daughter’s London first-hand. “We raise our children to find their own way and take their place in the world. And when they do, we celebrate.” I’m celebrating right along with you!

  2. “We raise our children to find their own way and take their place in the world. And when they do, we celebrate.”

    So wonderful that you could celebrate together in London!!!

  3. You are lucky to be there with your daughter.Sharing in person is so much more valuable than over internet. Yet, when someone can’t travel, digital tools are wonderful ways to connect.

  4. What a nice way for her to share her experiences. Way back in the day I went on exchange to Hull, England for a year and I have such fond memories of that year. It is awesome to see the world through our children’s eyes!

  5. What a gift you’ve given her. I can’t wait to hear her speak about it first hand. Looking forward to seeing you soon too, after you’re really back and adjusted. 🙂

  6. Wonderful celebration of Libby’s growth. New adventures and discovery – what a perfect way for them to try out their wings. We met our daughter in Spain and Chile after her semesters in each location. It’s so fun to let them take the lead and show us their new world.

  7. Your post brought back some of my most cherished memories when my husband and I visited our son who was spending his junior year at Humboldt University in Berlin, studying in German. He, too, shared “his” Berlin with us and it was delightful. I knew then that everything we had done with him/for him up to that time in his life had resulted in a young man who was fully capable of appreciating the world on his own terms, and I felt so proud of him. We did not, however, skype at all. Both we and he preferred to have an occasional long phone call, at his discretion, to stay in touch and keep us updated on his progress. He was with a lovely family and we knew we had to allow him the “space” he needed to fully immerse in the language and culture, and to feel independent. P.S. He is still traveling and as some of you know, we went with him and his girlfriend to Germany for the holidays this year to visit the friends he made in Berlin.

  8. I so get this. My boys are older, but I remember seeing them off on their journeys to strange places in their search for themselves. It’s exciting and scary and inevitable. I’m glad you got to see your daughter’s world through her eyes.

  9. Love this slice! My parents felt much the same way when they discovered “my Shanghai” for the first time, after I had been living there for 4 years. The pride and love you have for your daughter shines through! 🙂

  10. Moments shared, memories made…your slices make me so hopeful about continuing to make new memories with my growing sons (who will soon be grown)! I love how you celebrate your children’s growth and independence!

  11. I missed this yesterday, had to forgo my slice for a dental ‘thing’, but love that you had this time with Livy, wandering to her places in London. Seeing our children in their world is a pleasure always.

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