Slice of Life Tuesday:A tiny music box…so many memories

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When my children were young, they did not sleep much.  Not ever during the day, and not much at night.  In later years, my daughter Elizabeth would claim that this was due to all the stories I read to them at every opportunity.  It was, after all, story time all the time at our house.

Very late at night, sometimes very early in the morning, they would wake.  They would toss and turn. They would call for us.  And we would attend to each of them…room by room, wakeful child by wakeful child.

Sometimes, all that was needed was a quick hug, a soothing voice, a drink of water. Sometimes, not even the wakeful and fussy child would know what was the matter. But, always, the one thing that guaranteed solace was my husband, Scott, singing “Edelwiess”.

Our kids grew out of their wakeful stages the moment they learned to read.  After that, they could always reach for a book in those middle-of-the-night hours to provide a diversion from their worries, or simply someplace to travel to in their imaginations until the need for sleep took over once again.

“Edelwiess” was seldom heard again in our house, but the memory of it has lingered on…we have just to hear the first strains of it to be transported back in time to cribs, pajamas with footsies, and soothing our  little ones back to sleep to the sound of Scott’s voice.  We never hear it without tearing up.

For the last two weeks, Scott has been touring Austria with our youngest, Livy.  And, on their last day there, she gifted him with this:


We unwrapped it together the evening he returned.

And we listened:

And we remembered…



27 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday:A tiny music box…so many memories

    • What a gem of a memory for Mother’s Day. I’ve always felt that reading to your child/children is the best gift you can give them and obviously your children were fortunate to receive that gift from you. The little music box is so sweet and so touching…a lovely gift from a daughter who clearly cherishes her memories.

  1. Tara, you captured those memories with your words and the video playing Edelwiess was so sweet! Music holds so many memories for us. I love music boxes – bought both my goddaughters a music box when they were born. I have another I purchased and it plays “Lara’s Song” from Dr. Zhivago, my mother’s favorite. I cry each time I hear it. What a wonderful gift from your youngest! Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. So touching. I read your words and thought of both the frustrations that parents feel when a child cannot sleep and the tenderness of your attempts to connect with your children during those wakeful hours. But it’s the music box that says so much about you, your family and all that love.

  3. I loved this slice as Edelweiss played in my head, reminding me of my summer in Salzberg.
    Family and the bonds of love- so wonderful my friend. See you later😍

  4. I love that it’s your husband who provided solace by singing Edelwiess! What a sweet gift for Livvy to give him and so many sweet memories connected to this song. My favorite line: “And we would attend to each of them…room by room, wakeful child by wakeful child.”

  5. Those little music boxes are treasures, and it’s a wonderful gift from Livy to her father. Clare just wrote about the power of music, too. It transports us, as you just wrote so lovingly, Tara.

  6. As I finished reading your words, goosebumps ran up and down my arms. What a gift you have for writing about precious small moments of life.

  7. What a special memory. It’s so sweet of your daughter to give your hubby a gift like that. It means the memory is special to her, too. 🙂

  8. I read this slice this morning while sitting in a hospital room waiting for my son to be discharged after a (thank the Lord) successful appendectomy. Chill bumps ran up my arm, a lump formed in my throat, and tears gathered in my eyes as I read your lovely words. Sweet, sweet gift and even sweeter memories!

  9. I though that it was so very special that your husband and daughter had this opportunity to travel together and make this memory to keep but for her to give him this token of memories past is the proverbial icing on the cake. What a gal you raised. But somehow I’m not surprised.

  10. How grand love is.

    As children age the ways they can reduce us to happy tears amazes me. This would be post I would print 2 copies. I would tuck one of those copies away in a desk and give the other to Scott so that each of you can savor the feeling on those days when you need most to remember the many, many ways you are loved.

  11. Ok — completely a mess now!!! I am four years off from empty nest –this hits too close to my next stage of life. I need a farm house!!! You – as always- crafted this beautifully and the ending was beyond perfect. Love, love, love it!!
    Thank you

  12. I have to agree with so many of the others – this really moved me. What a lovely, loving gift! It took me back to when my youngest wouldn’t settle and I would sing “Love You Forever” (Robert Munsch). It would always calm him and I would sink it several times. Still find that book and song affects me.

  13. Oh Tara, it was heart-warming to read your posts of books and comfort and love.

    I connected with the song too. Jim sang it to the kids when he tucked them in. ❤

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