Poetry Friday:At the Very Lengthy Meeting by Kevin McCaffrey

poetry friday

Poetry Friday is hosted by  Violet Nesdoly.

I am not a meeting person.  And long meetings? Definitely not!  Some people seem to genuinely thrive on long meetings – they seem to come alive, become more animated and congenial by the minute, and leave claiming to be “energized”.  I was recently at just such a  lengthy meeting, and when I discovered that it was finally time to leave the room, I dragged my weary self out the door thinking of this poem:

At the Very Lengthy Meeting  by Kevin McCaffrey

At the very lengthy meeting
I actually felt my soul leave my body
and rush toward the ceiling—
and fly around the walls and flare
toward daylight, toward the windows—
to throw silently its impetuous emptiness
against the glass in vain.
It could not go anywhere, the clear moth.

Then it lay on the rug, not exhausted
but bored and so inert that it almost—
though nothing—
took on a hue, stained with all the breaths
and words and thoughts that filled the room:
the yellow-green color of old teeth.


12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday:At the Very Lengthy Meeting by Kevin McCaffrey

  1. Love that someone actually wrote a poem about these meetings. I used to create most unusual doodles. . . Thanks, Tara, & have a great weekend without meetings!

  2. This poem with that moth flying helplessly around. Such a perfect image for those long, drawn-out, not-going-anywhere meetings.

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