Slice of Life Tuesday:Letting go…

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Letting go has been the theme of so many of my recent conversations with my students, my own children, and myself.  Sometimes, we just need to bite the bullet and do what needs to be done…let go.  After all:

buddha quote.jpg

One of my students, at the high school these days,  came our room late one afternoon.  He didn’t have much to say at first, choosing to look at the photographs on our walls as I cleaned up the classroom and prepared it for the next day.  Then, he took a seat. This was his seat, so many years ago when he was in sixth grade.  He meant to sit there, and so I stopped my cleaning and tidying up, and took the seat beside him.  We talked about sixth grade, middle school and high school.  We talked about mistakes made and where he wants to go next.  “Is it too late?” he wondered. “Let it go, and try and start again”, I said, “just let it go.”

One of my children called to talk about grief.  A beautiful relationship has come to an end. I have no words of solace to offer…grieving is a solitary affair.   You love deeply, you love well, but sometimes that is simply not enough.  You have to let go.

Today, a long day of meetings away from my classroom, I trudged up the familiar staircase back to my classroom.  My bones ached from a day of sitting in one place, and every nerve was on fire – the curse of fibromyalgia.  I took in all that this room has come to mean to me: children I’ve loved, taught through the years, nurtured and nudged towards their better selves.  This place that encompasses the very heart of my teaching life… I will have to find a graceful way of letting go.



26 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday:Letting go…

  1. This is such a beautifully reflective post. I felt as if I were invisible and watching you in your classroom behaving as a caring teacher; in your home as a caring parent; and in your classroom once again as you prepare yourself to perhaps leave for good. I felt sad about leaving my classroom two years ago; I’d only had it for 2 years, but it was a lovely room with a view of a big oak tree and a lawn. But I knew it was time to go and was so glad my memories of the room would be positive ones. The job…not so much. You will be surprised to discover that the world outside your room is waiting for you and all your talents. Let go; there’s lots more to come.

  2. This post speaks wise words of wisdom, Tara It caused me to pause and reflect throughout the reading. Sometimes we choose to let go and sometimes the choice is made for us. I wish you well as you let go.

  3. Tara, It is so hard to let go and move on to the next step in our lives. Everyone has to walk their path alone but along that path are many people who will lend a hand. You have been along the path of many learners and they are the better for it. And I know the child who is heartbroken will heal with the help of the balm of your love.

  4. I know you will “gracefully let go”. I think it will help you, having that beautiful farm to wander and your family and friends. But it is also OK to admit that the thing you have done SO well is something you will also miss a bit.

  5. Tara- I think each of us who reads your slice will connect in some way to your words. Letting go can be scary and hard and so sad, but there are unexpected joys and new opportunities that come as well. I’m sorry for your fibromyalgia struggles. I’ve been dealing with something similar… and have found a few helpful resources recently. You probably already know them- but happy to share in an email.

  6. Your talk with that student touched me, Tara. He knew he would find some confirmation of the wise words he knew in his heart, maybe from the class with you long ago? It’s a post of a time many of us have experienced, but thank you for expressing that letting go so beautifully.

  7. I love that quote you began with. Of course, I can relate to it and I just dragged it onto my desktop screen 🙂
    What I remember from my final days in my classroom- I was ready for it… As I packed up and said my goodbyes I was already out the door. I spent that last year, two, preparing to leave. You are beginning your process…

  8. When we let go of something, we can reach for something new, perhaps even something we didn’t know we needed. Sending my very best wishes and hugs as you let go.

  9. You’ve tied together these small (but big moments) in this slice in a way that makes me feel the pain of letting go and gratitude of the time spent while we hold on. Beautiful.

  10. I’m sorry to hear about your flare up with Fibromyalgia. It’s always hard to take that next step in life when we enjoyed the place we were on. Good luck to you on your next adventure.

  11. It is so powerful that your students return to you- to your classroom – a safe setting to reflect, be honest and accept. I loved the moment you captured with him. I can’t help but wonder….are you leaving this year?? If so… I’m not ready to let go of your classroom slices. They fill me with inspiration and joy every time. Are you leaving the classroom?


  12. This is the way it has to be, but so hard to let go. As teachers, we get practice every year. Somehow it doesn’t get easier, does it?

  13. I’ve never been good at letting go but life usually finds a way to let us know it’s time. But like the saying goes, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Cheers to new beginnings!

  14. This is a beautiful, beautiful piece of writing. The quotes meant a lot to me as I at a transition place in my life too. Are you talking year end letting go or is there other news?

  15. Saying goodbye is so complicated. As I read your post here today I was reminded of those students who came back to visit me. Especially those who I really couldn’t help enough. There is a hint in here that letting go is a necessity rather than sometime you are looking forward to. I wish you well no matter the reason.

  16. “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go”

    What a beautiful reflection – so much said and felt in this piece. The letting go is always hard but I have found looking forward helps create the balance needed. Hugs to help you let go with peace.

  17. Tara, first I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Also, I noticed that you changed roles through your slice…at first you were the one giving advice on letting go and the you changed and admitted you’ve got to take your own advice…when you actually let go of your classroom, I’m certain you’ll be missed.

  18. Letting go is an act of love. I must remember that. Thank you Tara for illustrating that so well, here in this slice of life you posted.

  19. Tara, your ending image says it all. How lovely-very zen-like. If this is your image would you like to place it in the Spring’s Seeds Gallery? Do you have another digital poem offering too?

  20. Putting both quotes in my WN. You write so beautifully of what a classroom means to us: “I took in all that this room has come to mean to me: children I’ve loved, taught through the years, nurtured and nudged towards their better selves.” And yes, even the ways we’ve nursed and nudged ourselves towards our better selves. I’m not sure if this post is hinting at upcoming changes, but letting go is part of the journey so that you can embrace new things.

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