Slice of Life Tuesday: Lilacs…

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lilac tree

We’ve planted lilac trees in every garden wherever we’ve lived.  Sometimes, we’ve lived in the house long enough to see our trees grow and thrive, and sometimes not. Lilacs are notoriously fickle and temperamental, and their blooms last a very short time.  Still, we love them, plant them, and hope.  Each tree we planted represented something of the love and hope with which the Smith family settled, once again, in a new house.

When we bought our farm, I noticed lilac bushes growing by one of the barns. My heart sang.  We closed on our purchase last July, long after lilac season had come and gone. Every time I walked by the trees, I would imagine them in all their Spring glory.  Spring seemed a long way away. Last week, finally, we were rewarded – every tree was in full bloom.  All weekend, as we worked to mow knee high grass and clear flower beds of winter debris, we did so with the fragrance of lilacs wafting through the air.

I kept meaning to get my camera to take pictures … which I did not get around to until night time, when I had stolen a few blossoms for our dinner table:


which now sit by our kitchen window back in New Jersey, and on my desk in Room 202. These flowers have a story before our life at the farm, and now they have become part of ours.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.40.06 PM

Photograph by Jon Katz


26 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Lilacs…

  1. I just wrote a poem about lilacs last week, Tara. They do have a history, and I’m so happy you’re carrying on making your own memories at the farm. Lovely always!

  2. I love the idea that the lilacs had a story and now they will be part of your story! How beautiful!

  3. Your words make me wonder if the family who originally planted the lilacs had a special story or wish too, just like your family does in the tradition of planting lilacs. I just love lilacs as they are a spokesperson for spring. I can practically smell them through your words. Beautiful!

  4. You have such a way with words. I am transported by your lilacs and the love you have for them. We plant sea roses (rosa rugosa) everywhere we live for the same reason.

  5. Powerful last line. And just the one word title – Lilac – grew me in to click and read. It is a flower that has a power. I loved the positioning of all your hard word of mowing next to the sweet smell of this flower. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a delightful story. The happiness of a family tradition carrying on with such love has put a smile on my face this morning and made my heart lighter. Enjoy the lilacs from reading your posts these past couple of years, you deserve all the beauty life an send.

  7. I was hoping for those blooms throughout the entire post — so happy they are part of the farm and now part of your story. I hope you make them the next cover photo on your blog!!

  8. Ah, the sweet scent of lilacs permeated this post. How lucky to be there to enjoy them! Lilacs are so fickle and I have yet to break their code of life.

  9. I followed the link and then kept reading.I love how you tie this beginning you have made with the heady scent of lilacs to the farm. and Paula, and the man who writes so eloquently about Paula, lilacs, and time. You are joined together. So moving.

  10. We have a few lilac bushes in our yard. Every year we cut some and bring them into the house. Their scent just can’t be duplicated. This year, unfortunately, the buds froze with the cold Spring weather we had. Hopefully they will be back in full bloom next year.

  11. We don’t have lilacs down south, so I love hearing your story and imaging their scent in your home and in your classroom. Farm life is just right for you.

  12. Lilacs are so reminiscent of childhood when life was simpler. I have a fickle lilac tree also but do not have bouquets of lilac like you do. I am glad that you are creating lasting memories on your farm.

  13. My lilacs are over but the lily of the valley are now blooming. So I am happy!
    I have a great row of purple lilacs and one very old white bush that I am working hard to bring back to life. It now has new green leaves and looks good. I hope it will continue and set buds for next year! Here is hoping!
    I love that you can bring bits of the farm into your classroom. Spring is a magical time!

  14. What is it about lilacs that bring people so solidly into a place? Love the variation of different lilacs and the commitment you’ve made to always have them wherever your home is.

  15. This post about lilacs filled me with an ache today. We moved last September after living in a house for 30 years. What I miss most is all the plants I nurtured during those decades. Here where we now live, the people before us loved rhododendrons, azaleas and roses. These are all lovely, and I wonder about the family that planted them, but mostly I miss the magnolia tree my mother bought me as a gift, the oriental poppies that bloomed so brazenly in the spring, the huckleberry bushes, and all those other green friends of mine.

  16. I absolutely love lilacs. My favorite is to have fresh cut ones in a vase. The smell just fills the house. Your lilac bush is beautiful. Wouldn’t it be great if we could capture the fragrant smell in a SOL post too!

  17. I missed this post last week. I love lilacs and this line: “Still, we love them, plant them, and hope.” Lucky lilacs to have you in their corner wherever you live. And now, I have to confess that your link to Jon Katz’s blog sent me wandering this morning and I even explored Maria’s blog too. I’m so easily distracted, but I loved every minute. Happy holiday weekend! We get a four day break too from our unused snow days.

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