Poetry Friday:Mary Oliver – Going To Walden

Today’s Poetry Friday round up is hosted by Tabatha Yeatts @ The Opposite of Indifference


My summer shift begins today: the van is packed with all I will need for July and August, even the plants from my classroom which now grace the porch.  I’ve shifted, already, from the go-go-go pace of the school year into the anything-but-teaching phase that marks the first week after school ends.  Now, I am ready to shift into summer mode, easing back into the teaching mindset of summer – mulling over ideas, reading new books, and writing my way into planning for a new year.

Today, we will point our full to the brim van North, and head towards our Walden: a farm tucked away in the middle green mountains, corn fields and dairy farms.  This Walden, luckily, is a mindset, and a place.

Going to Walden by Mary Oliver

It isn’t very far as highways lie.

I might be back by nightfall, having seen

The rough pines, and the stones, and the clear water.

Friends argue that I might be wiser for it.

They do not hear that far-off Yankee whisper:

How dull we grow from hurrying here and there!


Many have gone, and think me half a fool

To miss a day away in the cool country.

Maybe. But in a book I read and cherish,

Going to Walden is not so easy a thing

As a green visit. It is the slow and difficult

Trick of living, and finding it where you are.

14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday:Mary Oliver – Going To Walden

  1. “It is the slow and difficult
    Trick of living, and finding it where you are.” That is the thing isn’t it. Glad you and your plants are transplanted to the farm!

  2. I, too, love the lines: “the slow and difficult
    Trick of living, and finding it where you are”.
    I will keep looking for my Walden in the desert. Thanks for sharing, Tara. Happy 4th of July! =)

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