Slice of Life Tuesday: Anticipation and community

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Two Writing Teachers


As the sun set on Sunday night, there was a spirit of anticipation at the farm…writing friends would be arriving the next day: Margaret Simon, Julieanne Harmatz, and Kimberley Moran.

Every week, for these past many years, we’ve met online here at Two Writing Teachers on Tuesdays, at Ruth Ayers Writes on Saturdays, at Digilit on Sundays, and on Twitter and Voxer on those days and the on days in between.

We’ve shared stories about our classrooms and our lives, discussed books we’ve read and loved, and collectively thought through our teaching philosophies and practices.  We’ve shared the things that are going well in Louisiana (Margaret), Los Angeles (Julieanne), Maine (Kimberley), and New Jersey (me), and the things we are struggling through.  We’ve laughed about this and mourned that…no matter  the time zone,  no matter the miles between us.

In the week ahead, we will continue our fellowship  in person, sitting face to face in the same place: a community of teachers, friends, and colleagues.  How wonderful that what began in such an impersonal space (the vast web of disparate online collectives), has blossomed into such a personal one.


19 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Anticipation and community

  1. I am truly envious and hope that one day I, too, can connect with some Slicer friends in person one day. That would be the best professional development I could imagine! Have a blast enjoying this special time together.

  2. Can I just say that I read your slice earlier today and have barely thought about anything else… I keep trying to picture the four of you there- in a place I imagine through your gorgeous photos Tara. And I think so highly of all of you… can only dream about what it must be like for all of you to be under the same roof. I hope it is a lovely and rejuvenating time for each of you and for you as a group of amazing friends.

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