Celebrate this week: Kindness, learning, and…cake!

Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!


I wasn’t going to post for “Celebrate this week” – after all, the news of the week left little cause for celebration.  Then…I thought of my students, and of the morning I spent learning from brilliant and passionate educators.  In doing so, I realized that I had cause to celebrate, after all.

We began our Friday current events discussions this week, and my kids were both curious and fearless.  They wanted to engage in the events of their world, to ask questions, to wonder.  At the heart of all they asked was kindness.  I celebrate that innate kindness, our work in all the learning we will do this year will lean on and draw from that kindness.


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I spent most of today at my desk, glued to my laptop and The EdCollab Gathering.  Chris Lehman opened with words that spoke right to my heart, and answered some of the questions my teacher self had been struggling with last week: how political can one be in these times, how political should one be in any times?  And then Chris said this: “Say the things that you believe-hold on to your humanity even when it’s scary.”  Yes. I celebrate the clarity of that truth.


And then, there were hours of learning at The Ed Collab Gathering following Chris’ remarks.  How can I not celebrate a Saturday spent in the company of so many inspiring and dedicated educators? I thank my friend Fran McVeigh for putting it best: “A day w/ is like 3 layer cake of many flavors.” I celebrate having a taste of  this kind of cake!


10 thoughts on “Celebrate this week: Kindness, learning, and…cake!

  1. Oh, Tara, Thank You for your kindness. Today was proof that we CAN have our cake and eat it too! The cake of knowledge and power tasted pretty darned good in the company of educators like you in search of MORE learning! ❤

  2. It’s quite wonderful to be able to connect as you all did today. I’m glad that you’re celebrating. Cake is a good thing to have as Fran says! Every week seems to be quite the week, I know. Hugs for better!

  3. Our continued violence does make it hard to celebrate. Kudos to you for doing current events even during the tough weeks! I missed EdCollab today, but love that I can go back and listen at my leisure.

  4. Finding celebrations when it feels like not right to celebrate makes the celebrations more powerful. Kindness and learning make the world better.

  5. I think participating in the Ed Collab Gathering today helped me reach this same conclusion. It made me happy that I am an educator. The presentations honored the work we do as well as pushed us forward to do better.

  6. I too am finding it hard to celebrate in the midst of the inhumanity to man that I am seeing. Fortunately, there are also many instances of people living their lives in kind and caring ways too. Thanks for celebrating.

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