Slice of Life Tuesday:Writing and reverence

Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Two Writing Teachers


We met at a lovely old inn, with the invitation to write and to support each other as we wrote.

And, write, we did.

Each of us found a place in which to work.  And each of us found a way towards the rhythm of writing…thinking…writing.  At one point, late Saturday afternoon, I paused mid thought and mid sentence to take in the sight of raindrops cascading down the windowpanes.   A few raindrops caught and held the weak afternoon sunlight as they glided down towards the windowsill.  I allowed my attention to wander from the words on the page before me to the rain dance on the windowpanes, and as I did, I heard the tap tapping of something else…writers at work all around me – in the rooms next door, across the hallway, and up the oak staircase.

Tap tap, tap tap tap.

Writers at work.

Somehow, the sound of all that tapping, and the writing it signified, filled me with reverence. Writing is lonely work; it is reaching deep within to discover what one really wants to say and then endeavoring to say it the best way one knows how.  Writing is important work.  Even so, it was comforting to hear others engaged in the very same labor, and comforting to know that soon we would collect to read each other’s work and honor that labor.

Writing is a solitary endeavor, true, but we benefit so much from the communities we create around ourselves to inspire and encourage us to keep going.   I gazed at the rain one last time, and then settled back into my writing work…reverent and grateful.



24 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday:Writing and reverence

  1. You captured it so beautifully. We so enjoyed being a part of the community. We left so energized by everyone else’s thoughts – it was a writing retreat and amazing PD all rolled into one. We are so glad we had time to connect with you . Look forward to many conversations and walks in the future!
    Clare and Tammy

  2. These words spoke to me: “Writing is a solitary endeavor, true, but we benefit so much from the communities we create around ourselves to inspire and encourage us to keep going. ”
    I feel inspired by your post and your dedication to improve as a writer. Wow.

  3. Reverence. What a joy to be with others in the pursuit; those that have a deep abiding respect for words and thoughts. You belong there.

    Reminds me of being in your office at the farm.

  4. This makes me happy that you had this time. I’ve loved Choice Literacy for a long time, and you belong in that group! I just wrote about my writing group last week, and understand how helpful it is to be together.

  5. It is so nice to get away to write. It is energizing and allows the focus to be on writing and not the daily “have-to-do” things that sometimes get in the way of writing.

  6. What a beautiful expression of the joy of writing. There’s something about sharing your deepest thoughts that brings writers together in such a special way. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tara, you capture the solitary nature of writing in this piece. Isn’t it interesting how the very act of writing isolates us from our readers but also provides the essential time to create the words to help us reconnect with our readers. A most reflective and instructive piece.

  8. Love your description of the rhythm of writing: tap tap, tap tap tap. It put me right there in that lovely place, hearing the tapping of others. So glad you had this reverent and grateful time to work with other writers.

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