Slice of Life Tuesday: Ready to be found!

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We came up the trail, a sea of golden ferns on either side.  So far, the path up the mountain had been fairly gentle, but we knew that soon it would curve sharply and then rise steeply.  The last time we’d hiked this part of Merck Forest in Vermont, it had been a perfect Indian Summer day; but Fall had definitely arrived, and there was a bite in the air with rain clouds threatening.  We quickened our pace in the hopes of making it to the top (and its glorious view of the mountains of New York and Vermont in all their Fall glory) and back before the storm.

My ancient L.L. Bean blucher moccasins, its soles worn smooth with years of use, slipped and slid this way and that once we began the trickier part of the trail, this sentimental choice in footwear was perhaps not the best one.  My hiking partners moved ahead while I scrambled between vines and roots, and then stumbled upon this sight:


There it sat, delicately wedged into a spot sure to catch the eye of some child making his or her way down the mountain and in search of a furry, blue friend.  This friend smiled patiently, its eyes fixed steadfastly on the path.  It looked content to wait, to be found.  It was just a matter of time before its rightful owner would come scampering down the path and spy it sitting there, in the crook of a tree, placed perfectly for a woodland reunion.

Fingers crossed.


19 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Ready to be found!

  1. Yes, fingers crossed indeed! I can imagine the surprise on your face seeing such a creature out of place but imagine the surprise on that little one’s face when reunited with his special friend.

  2. I like Kevin’s idea of using this image as a prompt. This was not what I expected when I first started reading your post. You placed me right there on the trail with you. And I could hear your laughter and delight at the sight.

  3. I could really “feel” this post- you definitely put me in the moment. I always like to make up my own stories when I see something unexpected like the stuffed animal. I wonder what the real story is?!

  4. Oh my, I hope there was a reunion, Tara. What a surprise on your hike. It looks like a marvelous day, and with that sweet blue friend greeting you, too.

  5. You brought the reader on the path with you, marveling at the golden ferns and the deer spying on the intruder in his woods. Then bam! something so unexpected on this hike! What a wonderful slice crafted by a talented writer!

  6. I am filing this post in my collection of Strong Setting! Wow! I especially like how by describing your shoes, I can feel the hike even more. I also love your new blog Fall picture! Another WOW for those clouds hanging to observe the beauty below! You make me realize I need to spend more time outside.

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