Nonfiction Wednesday: Ask The Experts Series


Alyson Beecher hosts Kid Lit Frenzy.  Follow the link to Alyson’s blog to read about more nonfiction books you need to read!

I discovered this series of nonfiction books last summer, and ordered a bunch of them for our non fiction genre study…a great move on my part!

Each topic (and there are many covered in this series, from medicine to space and government) is broken into smaller easy to digest segments, with  photographs other visual elements (all those non fiction features we want to teach our kids about!) to augment learning.

World Economy: What's the Future?Planet Under Pressure: Too Many People on Earth?

Aside from presenting information in an engaging way, the series also incorporates a section entitled “the debate” which presents two views on issues raised in each topic.  Our kids need practice (and exposure) in this kind of thinking, i.e. there are differing points of view about everything from economic issues to global warming, and that these points of view should be read about and considered.

The “For More Information” page at the end of the book is also a wonderful resource for kids to extend their learning.

Ask The Experts is a wonderful series – I look forward to purchasing more of these books!




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