#DigiLit Sunday: Coming into focus


Join the #DigilitSunday authors at Margaret Simon’s blog here. This week’s topic is “focus”.


The trees are mostly bare in upstate New York. Everywhere I look, I see new outlines and vistas – the trees in the forest, to use the familiar adage.

This reminded me of my classroom, specifically, my own view of the children in my classroom.  When the school year started,  our classroom felt like a deep forest. So many children to get to know – how to begin to tell them apart? How to get to know the outlines of each individual child amidst the crowd jostling for attention?

By November, each child has emerged distinctly, just like the outlines of the landscape which have come into sharper focus  in the hills and valleys of upstate New York.  Now I know each student: the way one looks when I need to rephrase a question, the way another needs an extra word of encouragement, and how the next sounds when he is anxious.  I know what each likes to read, and where they prefer to write.  I know, just by the way they walk into the room, what I need to do to get us off to a smooth start.

By November, each of my students has come into focus.   The way ahead, in our sixth grade journey, seems just a bit clearer, and we are all glad for that.


6 thoughts on “#DigiLit Sunday: Coming into focus

  1. I love trees in all their seasons, fall frocks, bare winter bones, spring beauty and summer leafy shade. It’s fun to read how your students have come into focus in your classroom.

  2. I love how each shape in the classroom becomes a person with distinct characteristics. You capture that process so well with your analogy. When I read this I was reminded once again of how much energy it takes as a teacher to bring those trees into full bloom by spring! Lovely post.

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