Slice of Life Tuesday: This time it’s personal

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Bright and early this morning, just about as soon as our polls opened, my husband and I jumped into our daughter Olivia’s car set off to vote.

This was Livy’s first ever time to vote in a Presidential election…how fitting that would it be this election, with a woman on the ballot for the highest office in the land.  We walked past a gaggle of middle school kids waiting for their day to begin, our kids’ old school which is filled with memories of our three when they still lived at home, and into the big gym with its polished wood floor and pennant decorated walls.  We’ve voted here many, many times before, most memorably when we cast our votes for President Obama – twice. But this time, it felt different. This time, it was personal.

Livy went first, and I confess that I almost began to cry watching  her step into the voting booth all by herself.  In years past, she had always been at my side when I voted – in an infant carrier, then on my hip, and finally by my side.  Not this time.  This time she had a vote all to herself.  That felt deeply personal.

But there was something extra personal about Livy voting for a woman (who just also happens to be the candidate best prepared and suited for the job) in this particular election, with all its misogynistic overtones.   We raised three feminists – two daughters, and a son – who were appalled by what they saw and heard from Donald Trump.  So, there was great satisfaction in knowing that all three would cast their millennial votes in rejection of his message of hate, and in affirmation of Hillary’s message of hope.  And one of them, our Livy, would do so in our company.

I loved her smile when she emerged – this vote was sweet…this time, it’s personal.



22 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: This time it’s personal

  1. I felt all of your joy and emotion when I read this. I, too, shed a tear as I voted. It’s been a long time in coming and I feel so grateful to be able to vote for a woman who is so prepared for this office. Thank you for sharing Liv’s story.

  2. Now that’s the way to begin a voting life! I loved every word you wrote! I just don’t get why anyone would think Trump is the answer. So glad there was unity in your family’s voting, I only wish I could say the same.

  3. Love the progression here – “…she had always been at my side when I voted – in an infant carrier, then on my hip, and finally by my side.” And now in the booth with a vote all to herself. You go, Mom! You’ve raised those feminist children well.

  4. Like you, I take great pride in my two grown children (ages 33 and 35) and I know, without asking, whom they voted for. It’s a day to celebrate all our hard work as parents, and Hillary’s, too!

  5. I am watching, watching, late reading everyone’s posts, and love hearing about you and Livy voting together. Don’t know how this will end, but it’s not looking good. I am hopeful that we can all make it work. Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory, Tara.

  6. Yesterday, feelings swelled. Hope was in the air. Your daughter voted. You voted. I voted. Then, we woke to find out the surrealistic truth. Wow! It was indeed an historic election that had the tables turned. I got to believe that hate will not rule.

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