Poetry Friday:At the Beginning of Winter by Tom Hennen

Poetry Friday is hosted by Tabatha Yeatts @ The Opposite of Indifference

bare trees 2.jpg

Winter has arrived, and with ferocity.  The trees are all bare now, the lawns are brown, and the piles of leaves waiting for the last pick up are brittle and spent.  Today, the wind howled around every corner, and a snow squall took us by surprise just before lunch.   It is time to reach for the warmest coat even for a quick walk to fetch the morning paper.  And, of course, it is dark for most of the day – sun shine passes quickly.  We are never really ready for winter…even in December…

At the Beginning of Winter by Tom Hennen

In the shallows of the river
After one o’clock in the afternoon
Ice still
An eighth of an inch thick.
Night never disappears completely
But moves among the shadows
On the bank
Like a glimpse of fur.
Flies and spiderwebs
Appear alone in the flat air.
The naked aspens stand like children
Waiting to be baptized
And the goldenrod too is stripped down
To its bare stalk
In the cold
Even my thoughts
Have lost their foliage.


10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday:At the Beginning of Winter by Tom Hennen

  1. “In the cold even my thoughts have lost their foliage”

    So true! We’re never ready for winter — we had the same howling winds and bitter cold yesterday. Maybe it all feels more intense because we’ve encountered so many cold hearts in our country recently . . .

  2. We have that cold on its way tomorrow, Tara. I commiserate with the “Night never disappears completely” because I grew up in Missouri, but here in Colorado mostly the sun can “be” even in the lowest temps. We are glad of it, but sometimes surprised when we go out, thinking it’s warm. I love your introduction, beautifully poetic too. Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Our winter arrived with ferocity last night. Almost sixty on Thursday, 28 yesterday when I did recess duty and -3, with six inches of snow when I got up this morning. Beautiful, but brrrr. I just want to stay under the covers and read, but my shovel is calling!

  4. “In the cold
    Even my thoughts
    Have lost their foliage.”

    Awww, as I am writing this, we are enjoying 32 degree celsius weather. Sending you the sun in a burning envelope, hot to touch. 🙂

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