#celebratelu:The bookends of a blessed life


Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get.

The last two weeks have followed a predictable routine: wake up-get to school-teach-come home-collapse.  I’ve been in the grips of a virus I simply can’t seem to shake, and I probably should not have been in my classroom at all in my condition, but…anyway, the kids of 202 have a way of making me forget how miserable I should be feeling, until I get home and have to crash.

Today, feeling as though I am finally in recovery mode, I read Ruth’s Celebration call of welcome:”I’m glad you are here to celebrate. Your act is one of claiming time.”   This weekend, I am claiming time by reflecting upon the two things that (truth be told) got me through this week.

The love and warmth of my kiddos, who left messages of encouragement all through the past two school weeks:

And a few photographs of our beloved farm, now winter bound.  It will be a while until Spring allows us to visit again, but a friend took some pictures so that we could imagine ourselves there:

This weekend I celebrate my kiddos and my farm…bookends to a blessed life.  Thank you, Ruth, for your call to celebrate, no matter what!




15 thoughts on “#celebratelu:The bookends of a blessed life

  1. Glad you are in the “recovery mode.” It seems this year’s virus has lingered too long for so many. I love the “message board” you shared.

  2. Happy that you are feeling better, and hoping the weekend helps, too, Tara. I imagine you wish you could be cozy up at the farm, but the pictures help I’m sure. It is so beautiful. And your students clearly love and care for you, a sweet thing to celebrate! R & R this weekend!

  3. The farm pictures are so beautiful! As are the loving messages from your students. So glad you powered through and are resting now. Take care!

  4. Love the pics from your farm, the sparkling snow, the blue sky, the sun peeking through the clouds. What a gift your friend shared! Glad you’re starting to mend. Take it easy this weekend.

  5. I am sorry that you are feeling way under the weather. I know how you feel after come off weeks of being ill. There is a nasty bacteria infection going around so take care and continue to celebrate, Tara. The first photo of the farm is wonderful. Will you offer it for my winter gallery?

  6. Your words have sat here and I’m just getting to them. It’s a treat, Tara to read them and celebrate with you. Sometimes celebration is gritty. Sometimes this is when it is most important. Thanks for taking the time to celebrate this week and the others too.

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