#SOLSC17:Our walls talk…

The Slice of Life March Writing Challenge @ Two Writing Teachers – 31 days of  a writing community.


Making the 2016 – 2017 class collages.

The walls of our classroom talk…

We have our learning charts, of course, which anchor and unstick our thinking.

We have our writing and our projects, which are satisfying to look upon and take pleasure in.

We have artwork and notes students tack up when the mood strikes them, which is a way to own our space.

And we have pictures: pictures of the sixth graders that were and the sixth graders that are, all connected by memories and the work we do:

Halfway through the year, once the foundations of memory have been laid down strong, and our classroom has become a community, I put up collages of the current year.  It takes a little while before my kids realize that they are now represented on the walls of our classroom, they’ve become so used to the pictures of years past.  Yesterday, they noticed the new pictures, and there was a flurry of excitement:

“Wow, that was the marshmallow challenge – the first day. How little we looked!”

“That was book club, the first book club. So fun.”

“My hair was so short!”

“You look funny there…guess I did too!”

“That was so long ago…wow, that was soooo long ago!”

Our walls talk.  I love what they have to say.


15 thoughts on “#SOLSC17:Our walls talk…

  1. The students live so much in the present that seeing past pictures always surprises them. You have a lovely tradition of putting up the collages.

  2. What a delight to be in your classroom where the walls are for the students. “We have artwork and notes students tack up when the mood strikes them, which is a way to own our space.” How fun for them to realize that they are now part of the stream of memories in your classroom – “sixth graders that were and sixth graders that are.”.

  3. These are the things that make a classroom welcoming. It’s like going on a treasure hunt to spot something new and reveling in the joy of finding that nugget. How boring a room with silent walls.

  4. It’s such a wonderful and loving idea, Tara. I hope you share more pictures. I love seeing them. I made magnets of our memories from those “business card” magnets, & they filled the file cabinets, past & current. It was fun to look & look as I see your students do.

  5. The small bit of dialogue captures the joy and sense of belonging that I imagine the students feel. Images matter so. So too does excellent and inspired teaching.

  6. The tone of this slice is wonderful … relaxed, at ease with the learning in the classroom. Sometimes there is too much tension. I love that the walls anchor the present to the past–students who walked this way before the present class. And that it celebrates the steps of learning of the present class– a record.

  7. The format of this slice is so well crafted. The talking walls, what they say, and how they speak of the community you have created. Love!

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