#SOLC17: Monday morning bag(s)

The Slice of Life March Writing Challenge @ Two Writing Teachers – 31 days of  a writing community.

On any given morning, in the hour before school begins, our middle school parking lot becomes a parade of teachers and their bags walking from their cars up the stairs and through the school doors.

Monday mornings are the busiest, in terms of teacher bags.  Here, for example, is what I hauled from my end of the parking lot all the way up two floors of stairs to Room 202:

My trusty backpack, filled with my own notebooks for each of my subject areas, PD books, picture books, and our current read aloud…oh, and also my lunch:

FullSizeRender 14

One bag filled with my morning class’ reading journals, and the week’s supply of coffee (thank you Trader Joe’s!):


Another bag filled with my afternoon class’ reading journals and my week’s flower selection:


My Monday morning haul…


…is there any teacher out there who knows how to “pack lightly”?!



16 thoughts on “#SOLC17: Monday morning bag(s)

  1. There’s so much to like about this post. From your backpack that would also suit a young girl traveling through Europe to coffee and flowers and journals. You are a found hour in the middle of Sunday. xo

  2. You don’t need a gym membership, you get a workout every day you are hauling the bags up the flights of stairs. This is the life of a teacher. No way around bags and bags of daily needs.

  3. No I don’t but I have learned to split notebooks up into two nights for the sake of my back as well as a little down time in the evenings. My favorite part of your bags is your flower selection. Love that routine!!

  4. And we wonder why we have shoulder pain! I no longer have stairs since I moved schools, but my classroom is the farthest point from the front door! Many times, I will carry stuff in on Sunday (through the back door) to lighten my load on Monday. I love that you bring flowers each week!

  5. This “parade of teachers” with bags is a common phenomenon in school parking lots. What we carry with us to and from school to home and back again is an interesting study. Lovely slice.

  6. I have questioned (in my mind) when I’ve seen a teacher walking in with nothing! They either have it all done at school or. . . Some of my colleagues finally got rolling carts, said they hated multiple trips. It is amazing what we carry back and forth! Fun to see yours, Tara.

  7. This sure is true. The security guard at my building often stands there to open the door for crazy teachers who seem to bring everything but the kitchen sink in on Monday morning….but we need it all! While I skip the flowers, there are journals and lesson plan ideas and PD books and new seasonal stickers and props such as a tea kettle, so that stories can come as alive as possible!

  8. Ha! My Monday morning haul involved my wheelie cart, and then a session of Monday morning unpacking. I love that you get flowers every week, Tara. Your students will remember that, as well as many other aspects of their 6th grade year with Mrs. Smith.

  9. I love all your bags! I haven’t been in the classroom in years … and I am still carrying bags to work every day. Old habits die hard … or don’t die at all!

  10. I used to stop teachers all the time to encourage the use of wheeled bags & carts to save shoulders and backs. But those are hard to use when you have to go upstairs. I’m still a bag lady. One stays packed for book club and one for church stuff. Old habits die hard!

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