#SOLC17: Looking for a purple flower moment

The Slice of Life March Writing Challenge @ Two Writing Teachers – 31 days of  a writing community.

Like many others, I have been revisiting Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s books ever since I heard the sad news of her death.  Reading Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal, with its many opportunities to “text and …” or connect to the books interactive website which involve hearing Amy’s voice, is a bittersweet experience  – Amy was a joyful spirit, and her books bubble over with her whimsical ability to see  lovely in the smallest of things.

Today, I came to rest at these two pages:

So, today I went in search of a Purple flower moment:

I am sitting on the patio, warming sockless feet on the sun baked stone.  A breeze weaves its way through budding forsythia and cherry blossom trees, and it feels like the beginning of real Spring.  I can hear the wind chimes singing merrily from the front porch, our neighbor’s daughter practicing her piano, and two cardinals chirping out their afternoon news.  Both dog and cat are stretched out on the just greening grass, and the air smells earthy, clean, and cool.  I look up to spy a cardinal perched on a forsythia branch and notice that one solitary bud has opened it’s golden petals all the way.  A door slams somewhere, startling the bird who flies away. As he takes flight, so does the forsythia blossom which is caught in the palm of the breeze, lifts up,  and floats away.


It reminds me of you, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and your yellow umbrella, and the purple flower moments you called our attention to.  I wish you had had more of those…





18 thoughts on “#SOLC17: Looking for a purple flower moment

  1. Your moment speaks of calm and peace and contentment. Vivid descriptions put me right beside you.
    Are you on Instagram? AKR had started a project and wanted to post something she created at 1:23 for 123 days. She made it to day 61. Her daughter is now posting a new AKR photo every day at 1:23. You can find her at akr.par. Today is day 71.

  2. I suspect Amy will be smiling today because of your words, Tara. And she would send you a pie if she could. Teary here. I just bought Textbook, and I do look forward to it. I loved the Encyclopedia, used it often with the students. Thank you!

  3. Tara, your purple flower moment is breathtaking. I’m sharing this with my 6th grade teacher friends. I love this phrase: ” … warming sockless feet on the sun baked stone.” We still seem so far from the possibility of sockless feet and sunbaked stones. Even if it happened, the stone would be covered in fur (moss).

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