Poetry Friday: Time with You by Gary Soto

Welcome to Poetry Friday, the round up is right here!!!

Cherry blossoms and dogwoods are blooming these days, and so (apparently) is love in our middle school.  So many whisperings of who likes who are floating through the air, and so many rumors of who likes who are swirling back (it is middle school, after all).  I see furtive looks, sweet smiles, and gossipy clusters of kids with hearts aflutter.

It is Spring, and love is blooming…

tree heart

Time with You by Gary Soto


We’re thirteen, almost fourteen,
And so much in love

We want the years to pass—
Clouds roll at super speed, rains fall,

Flowers unfold and die at the snap
Of our fingers. I want to stuff sand

Through a fat hourglass,
And rip the pages from the calendar.

Let me blow candles from my cake.
Let my puppy stretch to full size.

When we turn eighteen,
Time will become a canoe on a still lake.


38 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Time with You by Gary Soto

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  2. Ah. Spring. Young love. Gary Soto sums it up so sweetly. What a nice way to begin Poetry Friday. I hope you are keeping your head above water this season….I’m fairly exhausted from watching students take tests 😦 Summer is coming!

  3. This post makes me smile… and remember, too, all that lovesick angst! Terrific Gary Soto poem; thanks for sharing. Way back in the day when I taught middle school part-time, I remember our director declaring, this time of year, that the “sap was rising.” And I always think of (Disney’s) Bambi – when those poor springtime birds were all “twitterpated”!

  4. Gary Soto knows this age well, doesn’t he, wanting to ” stuff sand/Through a fat hourglass?” Thanks for reminding about that love is in the air again for the young students, Tara, and for hosting.

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  6. Love the poem, Tara! Gary Soto did a fine job describing young love. I love how that image in the end lingered in my head. Thank you for hosting the round-up this week!

  7. Tara, I love this Gary Soto poem. I remember my first contact with his poetry was a poem titled, ‘Ode To Pablo’s Tennis Shoes’ and I loved it. Thank you for hosting and thank you for another Soto poem of substance.

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  9. Oh those middle school loves are so … intense! So much feeling! I always go back to that great word in the movie Bambi: “twitterpated.” That’s EXACTLY what it is! It’s funny to think about wanting the time to pass quickly… I am all about the canoe these days. I want it to be slow, but there are rapids… thank you for hosting, Tara! Joy! xo

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  12. Oh, that stretching puppy with its hints of baby chubbiness and puppy love!
    I’ve been working on haiku for the past two weeks, both in my own practice and with the 3rd graders I’m visiting. This was the first time I’ve taken kids on a haiku walk to jot down observations. Highly recommended — just hang on to those papers if it’s windy!

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  14. It’s Autumn here, but I too am sharing some romance on my blog today thanks to our lovely Irene Latham. AND… I’m admiring your artwork which goes so beautifully with Mother’s Day on Sunday, in Australia! (Also on my blog.) Thanks for hosting, Tara, and sharing your treasures.

  15. Puppy love is in the air with the tweens who want to reach out and rip pages from the calendar. Great poem and the tree image is so lovely, Tara. Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday.

  16. So much empathy from someone else spending days with middle schoolers… Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

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