#IMWAYR: Not reading…but making #cyberPD plans to!


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Jen Vincent @ Teach Mentor Texts

During these last weeks of school, I simply stop reading anything but student work – there is just so much of it to process!  But, I can look ahead and make plans for summer reading and that is what I am up to today.

Each summer, the #cyberPD community gathers to read a book together, and share what we’ve learned and how we plan to apply this new learning. You can learn more about #cyberPD at Cathy Mere’s blog, where she describes the process better than I can.

Our first task is to share our book stacks – here’s what I have packed up in my “summer to-reads” box already:



8 thoughts on “#IMWAYR: Not reading…but making #cyberPD plans to!

  1. So many of the ‘new’ ones look terrific, but I’m not there anymore, Tara, although I love reading what all of you share from them, the more nuanced ideas, the emphasis on the best practices still around. Thanks!

  2. I bought 3 books today during our coaching meeting…all for #cyberPD. I have some of the same books as you. Should be a fun summer.

  3. Great choices, Tara! I own 3 out of the 6 books…and you’ve provided me more to ponder! So happy you’ll be joining in!

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