#celebratelu: Restarting writing

Celebrate with Ruth Ayres Writes …. because we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get.


It’s been a while since I’ve joined the Celebrate This Week community, not because I did not have moments to celebrate (thankfully, there were many), but because I’ve been a long writing drought.  I started many blog posts and Googledocs with this or that intention or idea in mind, only to find it go nowhere.  Soon, I stopped starting any writing at all, which made me sad.

Once, somewhere in our daily Voxer conversations, my friend Julieanne reminded me that even though I wasn’t putting words on the page, I was busy planting seeds for future writing – they were right there, she said, in the threads of what we were sharing about books, teaching, kids, and life.

Then, in the midst of the multi genre writing marathon that is the last month of our sixth grade life, a student said this when I took note of what appeared to be his constant need to  walk about the classroom: “I’m writing in my head, Mrs. Smith. Sometimes I need to write in my head before I can write on a page.”  Bingo! Yes, that is also what I had been doing these past few months – writing in my head as I drove around, gardened, walked the dog, or cleaned up my classroom.  I had snippets of lines about some topics, an whole paragraphs about some others stored away, ready to be reached for when the right time presented itself.  That made me feel SO much better!

This week, for no particular reason that I could put my finger on, I began to write again: a blog post, the beginnings of an article , the outlines of a story…not so much a beginning of new writing, but the restarting of already thought out writing.

This weekend, I celebrate that!


14 thoughts on “#celebratelu: Restarting writing

  1. Tara,

    I appreciate your term “writing drought” because that’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing. Your post gives me hope for my own writing life. I am so glad to have read your post today.

  2. Well, I am with you too! It is the 17th of June and I just wrote my first post for this month. I have also been “writing in my head.” Thank you to your student for naming that! Hopefully this is a much needed push for both…all of us! Happy Weekend!

  3. Love Julieanne’s idea that the writing we do in our head and the sharing we do all contribute to threads for future writing. I’m glad that you are restarting on writing that you’ve already begun. Your voice is valuable to me. Hoping that your school year is finished.

  4. So glad to read your words! The invisible writing nurtures the writing your eyes critique. Love your student who writes by walking and that he could articulate that!

  5. Sometimes I get so stuck, and everything sounds awful, so I know what you mean. I’ve loved hearing about the farm and seeing the pictures, and of course always love hearing about your teaching life. Yes, I “write” in my head too. Your student is already wise! Have a nice rest of the weekend! I replied to you on my post, but will here, too. I “think” this is your final week ahead. Enjoy!

  6. You are a beautiful writer and you have an eye for exquisite writing also. (I always love the poems and book titles you share.) I am glad that you are writing again. And I can totally relate to writing in my head. It is where I do so much writing (and why I need to keep a notebook nearby… because it sometimes feels like my best writing, and then I forget it when I am in front of paper or a computer.)

  7. Julieanne is right! You are a writer, so you are always thinking about writing even if you are not putting your fingers to the keyboard.

  8. For anyone with a pause in the writing it’s important not to be hard on oneself, forgive, understand and pick up a pen again when ready. I am glad you are back.

  9. Love this post, Tara. Your writing is always something to celebrate! I feel like I’ve been in a slump since the March challenge finished. I’ll need to reframe that “slump” terminology to fit your welcome, more optimistic view of time away from writing. Maybe I’m composting? lol

  10. Tara, droughts come and go but the thirst for writing is inside you as evidenced by your snippets and thoughts that are now sprouting again. How wonderful! I always enjoy reading your words and you might find this interesting. I am providing my grad students choices of blogs to read during my ELA Summer Institute next week. One is your June 21st post on multi-genre writing celebration to celebrate.

  11. So nice to know the drought is lifting! While I often risk going into despair mode when the writing doesn’t come, I think I’m finally beginning to learn to just go with the ebb and flow, knowing what goes away will eventually come back. Recently, I came back to several several blog posts I’d abandoned weeks, or even months ago, to suddenly find what seemed impossible possible. Seems I’d been thinking about the in my head and didn’t even realize it.

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