Slice of Life Tuesday: Another year…another multi genre project

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We’ve been working towards Monday’s multi genre writing celebration for the last month. Day after day, and evening after evening (thanks to the wonders of GoogleDocs), my students worked at writing about a topic of their choice in four of the ten genres we had explored in writing workshop, and I worked at commenting on their writing and offering my suggestions.

Some days were productive, and some days were less so.  Summer beckoned from our classroom windows during the week, and it was even harder to focus on the weekends. But, we kept at it, chipping away at what seemed at first a huge and hard to manage task.

Sometimes we loved our topic of choice and they ways in we had chosen to write about them, and sometimes (especially in the middle of the process), we were much less enthusiastic.  But, we kept at it, trying our best to do our best.

And then, the end came into view: our multi genre writing celebration, the day we open our doors to parents, and share our work.  First, we signed up for celebration day jobs:


Then we made invitations:


And then we set up for presentation day:


I  stood to one side  of the classroom, taking in the scene. Parents milled about, reading and chatting, students answered questions about process and intention: this was what an authentic audience looks like and sounds like.  My kiddos looked happy, proud, and just a bit abashed at the attention their writing was garnering.

All that work was worth this.




10 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Another year…another multi genre project

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I’ve been wondering how it all comes together. Looks like the whole project and presentation went well. Happy Summer!

  2. Congratulations! Your experience reminded me of back when I taught sixth grade years ago and we did multigenre projects. We held a “Multigenre Madness” night where students could share their projects with parents/staff. It was hugely successful and I think it was one of the most significant things I’ve been a part of as a teacher.

    It is a lot of work for all involved, so I applaud you for a job well done!

    I’m determined to do MGR again now that I’m in high school.

  3. Wonderful to see parts of this, Tara. It reminds me of our Expo, and I know the incredible work it entails, from your students and from you. Congratulations! And whew!

  4. Looks awesome! I need to do more celebrating next year. I let my students choose the genre they wanted to write in after we read some books that had several different genres all related to a fairy tale. (A letter to the fox who ate the gingerbread man, a recipe for gingerbread, a narrative, poem and map about the gingerbread man…) It was so fun for them. Maybe I should revisit this next week.

  5. I love how this project challenges your students in the final weeks. And then a celebration with parents in attendance! I especially like how you step back and watch the conversations unfold. Congrats on a strong and meaningful ending project!

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