#Celebratelu: Celebrating magic of the classroom

Celebrate with Ruth Ayres Writes …. because we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get.

I’m not, generally, much a fan of the month of March. The weather is dreary. The children and I are weary.  March just feels as though it will never end.  This March, however, I have been gifted with a ray of sunshine and hope every morning thanks to Mary Lee Hahn and her March posts of 31 Teaching Truths.

Mary Lee ended her series in the best possible way, with magic:

Believe in magic. Don’t ever stop. So much depends on the work you do every minute of every day.

We were not in school on Friday, but Mary Lee’s post gave me reason to remember, and therefore delight in, the many “strong threads of magic” in my teaching life, all of them woven with so many children…


How lucky we are to work through and with the magic of children, to be there in the room when their thinking blossoms, when a story creeps into their hearts and souls to shift them towards greater kindness and wisdom, when they turn to you and speak a just-discovered truth.

How blessed we are to be invested in work with children, work that matters “every minute of every day”.

This Easter Sunday, I celebrate that…

8 thoughts on “#Celebratelu: Celebrating magic of the classroom

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! My 31 Teaching Truths series turned out to be very fun! About halfway through I thought I might run out, but a brainstorming session proved me wrong. 🙂 When I came up with Believe in Magic, I automatically scheduled it for the last day of the month. It really does sum up what we do day after day, year after year for whole huge important careers long!

  2. I do miss that magic, Tara, am grateful I can still access it with the grand-girls. Thanks to you, and to Mary Lee, for the reminder that it tops any list.

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