It’s Monday & Here’s What I’m Reading: Every Month is a New Year, Bear’s Scare

IMWAYR 2015.png

I have been too long away from picture books, so it feels rather special to share two new picture books I’ve discovered this first day of summer break:

Every Month Is  New Year is a glorious celebration of all the ways and days in which the  cultures of the world celebrates their vision of a new year.  Marilyn Singer reaches into all of that diverse, celebratory richness for her poems, each of which describes the customs and history of ringing in the new year around the world.  Here are two I particularly loved:


Singer’s lively and joyful verses are perfectly accompanied by Susan L. Roth’s exquisite mixed media collage illustrations, which are so vivid and full of texture. Every Month Is  New Year is a pleasure to read and share with children of all ages.

Jacob Grant’s charming book Bear’s Scare is just the book to read if you are (like me) averse to spiders.  Bear shares his spotlessly clean and tidy house with Ursa, his small stuffed friend.  All is well in Bear’s world, until he finds spider webs here and there.  He turns his house over in order to find the culprit, to no avail.  In all the tumult, Ursa loses an arm and Bear is distraught…until Spider finds a way to save the day.

This is a sweet and lovely story, one that can be read on many levels, and loved at each.  Here’s the book trailer, which I found utterly charming, as well:


10 thoughts on “It’s Monday & Here’s What I’m Reading: Every Month is a New Year, Bear’s Scare

  1. I really like what you shared about Every Month is a New Year. Those spreads of Roth’s textured artwork are gorgeous. And I like that it’s made to look like a calendar, including the direction of the book. Thank you so much for sharing this one! Definitely going on my TBR list.

  2. This looks like an absolutely awesome book! It reminded me soo much of the kidlit calendar that I received at the beginning of the year from the International Youth Library in Munich. 🙂
    Sending you love and light from Singapore!

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