Slice of Life Tuesday: An SOL about our class OLW


Slice of Life Tuesday is hosted by Two Writing Teachers

I love being able to take the challenges of my own writing life, go through the messy process of trying to figure them out, and then sharing what I learned with my students.  Sometimes, I am still in the process of working something out, and they will show me the way ( I LOVE when that happens), and sometimes there’s just a collective a ha moment when my “solution” sparks new thinking for them.

So, having just struggled to find and define my one little word, I thought it was time to share my journey with my kiddos, and get them thinking about their own OLWs.  SO…my SOL today is about our morning of OLWs, which began with a minilesson (charts, please!):


olw 2

…a sharing of how in the world I came to “pause”:


…and then my OLW post from last week, to share my own journey.  My kiddos were immediately captivated with the very idea of a OLW. Soon, there were giggling conversations about words, ideas about words, shades of meanings about words, connections between words…..and this was just a delight for this English teacher.

Now, I am just as excited for next week, when they will bring their OLW in to share for our first ever OLW Celebration!! Best of all, Bonnie Kaplan will be with us (we hope) to document this project, and record how it all turns out in room 202.

Stay tuned…..